Roe v. Wade Gave American Women a Choice About Having Children – Here’s How That Changed Their Lives

If the Roe v. Wade decision were overturned, women's control over the timing and number of children they have would be reduced or even eradicated

Access & Affordability

Here’s How to Help Your Kids Break out of Their Pandemic Bubble and Transition Back to Being With Others

Whether just comfortable at home or nervous about leaving, kids may need extra support to get back out there.

Family & Caregiving

Covid-19 Means a Lot More Work for Families of Children With Disabilities, but Schools Can Help

The pandemic has added major hurdles to accessing, delivering and evaluating special education services

Family & Caregiving

Poor and Minority Children With Food Allergies Overlooked and in Danger

For low-income minorities, who live disproportionately in food deserts, fresh and allergy-friendly foods can be especially expensive and difficult to find

Nutrition & Movement

Helicopter Parenting Is Hurting Our Kids

Teenagers are increasingly unprepared for life after high school. Here's why it matters

Family & Caregiving

In New Hampshire, Even Mothers In Treatment For Opioids Struggle To Keep Children

Women in treatment for opioids have challenges keeping their children.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Childless Couples Happier in America

The analysis of 22 industrialized countries found that the largest "happiness gap" between those who have kids and those who don't can be found in America thanks to dearth of family-friendly workplace policies.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Day Care Doesn't Encourage Weight Gain in Kids

A child placed in day care is no more likely to gain too much weight than a child who stays home with a parent, a new study indicates.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

The Importance of Putting Your Child to Sleep Safely

Unsafe sleep practices kill more infants than child abuse and neglect. It's important to put your child to sleep safely.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

What's the Difference Between a Nanny and an Au Pair?

Our primer will teach you the ins and outs of nannies and au pairs. Weigh your options and decide what is right for your family.

Pregnancy & Postpartum