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Biosimilars Basics

Biosimilars Basics

Biosimilars work the same as biologics, but cost a lot less. Here are some basic facts about these drugs.

How Are Biosimilars Made?

How Are Biosimilars Made?

Biosimilars are a safe, effective and affordable alternative to biologic drugs. Find out how they’re made.

¿Cómo se preparan biosimilares?

¿Cómo se preparan biosimilares?

Los biosimilares son alternativas seguras, efectivas y asequibles que pueden reemplazar a medicamentos biológicos. Descubre cómo se preparan.

Biologics, Biosimilars and Generics: What’s the Difference?

Biologics, Biosimilars and Generics: What’s the Difference?

Understanding biologics vs. biosimilars vs. generic drugs

Biofármacos, biosimilares y genéricos: ¿Cuál es la diferencia?

Biofármacos, biosimilares y genéricos: ¿Cuál es la diferencia?

Entender las diferencias entre biofármacos, biosimilares y medicamentos genéricos

A compassionate female doctor sits across from a patient and listens to her story.

Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider About Biosimilars

Biosimilars are often a lower-cost treatment option for certain conditions. But are biosimilars an option for you? Here are some questions to ask your provider about these drugs.

Conceptual Illustration of Biosimilar Medicines

Barriers to Biosimilars in the US

Wait, what are biosimilars? Read more about these medicines that can be a more affordable way to get the treatment you need.

A compassionate female doctor sits across from a patient and listens to her story.

Preguntas para tu proveedor de atención médica sobre biosimilares

Los biosimilares son frecuentemente una opción de tratamiento más barata para ciertos trastornos. Pero, ¿son los biosimilares una opción para ti? Aquí encontrarás algunas preguntas que puedes hacer a tu proveedor médico sobre estos medicamentos.

Conceptual Illustration of Biosimilar Medicines

Obstáculos de los biosimilares en EE.UU.

Espera, ¿qué son los biosimilares? Lee más acerca de estos medicamentos que pueden ser una forma más asequible para obtener el tratamiento que necesitas.

Melissa Jordan, R.N.

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For me, the mental benefits of taking an anti-obesity medication are just as important as the physical benefits

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A Patient’s Journey: How to Navigate Health Insurance for Heart Disease

Learn the facts about insurance coverage and access to treatments for heart disease

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Dangerous Counterfeit Drugs Are Putting Millions of US Consumers at Risk, According to a New Study

Rogue online pharmacies frequently use social media platforms to reach potential customers

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In Research Studies and in Real Life, Placebos Have a Powerful Healing Effect on the Body and Mind

The concept of placebos – which are sometimes called “sugar pills” – has been around since the 1800s

Conversation with medic about checkup results

How Healthcare Providers and Patients Can Limit the Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is a growing public health threat. But both patients and providers can do something about it.

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Success of Covid Antiviral Pills Hinges on Access to Speedy and Accurate Tests

U.S. testing capacity continues to be plagued by supply-chain bottlenecks, staffing shortages, intermittent spikes in demand and results that can take hours — or far longer

Immune system concept

Clinically Speaking: Important Questions to Ask About Antimicrobial Resistance

Dr. Chad Sanborn explains the threat behind superbugs and suggests what to ask your healthcare provider to help keep you and your family safe

Antimicrobial Resistance: An Emerging Public Health Threat

Antimicrobial Resistance: An Emerging Public Health Threat

More common antibiotic treatments are losing effectiveness against disease. Here's how patients and healthcare providers can act.

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Fewer Diabetes Patients Are Picking up Their Insulin Prescriptions – Another Way the Pandemic Has Delayed Health Care for Many

Although insulin is a vital component of diabetes management, the pandemic has led many patients to forgo the prescriptions they need

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Want to Manage Postsurgical Pain Without Opioids? There Are Other Options.

How to work with your OB-GYN to make a pain management plan for a better recovery after surgery

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Should Teens Taking ADHD, Anxiety and Depression Drugs Consume Energy Drinks and Coffee?

Energy drinks are heavily marketed to teens, but they can have detrimental effects

Jasmine C.

When Postpartum Depression Hit, I Heard Only the Lies My Depression Told Me

As a pharmacist, I understand medications for depression but I still believed I was too defective for medicine to fix

Pregnant woman taking pill

Using for Two

Our webinar, Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Mom: Reducing Barriers to Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder, addressed challenges and support for women with opioid use disorder

Red and white capsules

Designing Less Addictive Opioids, Through Chemistry

One potential way to make opioids less addictive is to make them target injured tissue rather than the healthy brain