Women Need Biosimilars

There are more affordable medicines than what's on the market — but most of us can't access them


In the Balance: We Need to Ensure Access to Pain Management Options While Confronting the Opioid Crisis

In recognition of Pain Awareness Month, Phyllis Greenberger, HealthyWomen’s Senior Vice President for Science and Health Policy, reflects on the importance of safeguarding the health needs of chronic pain patients while confronting the opioid crisis.

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Babies Dependent On Opioids Need Touch, Not Tech

Infants born to women who have been using opioids have developed a physical dependence on the opioid while in the womb. New studies have shown how physical contact can help those infants do better, reduce symptoms of withdrawal, and recover more quickly.

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Congress: Keep the REMS Safety Program Intact

Congress should pause and not pass the current CREATES legislation now under consideration. Phyllis Greenberger unravels the complexities behind this important patient safety debate.

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Watch: What You Should Know About The New Rule On Short-Term Health Plans

Video discussion about the problems with short term health plans – also known as "skinny plans," which may have lower monthly premiums, but will not provide the benefits or protections required by the ACA.

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Trump Administration Loosens Restrictions On Short-Term Health Plans

Short term health plans will be available starting in October. They may deny insurance to people with pre-existing condition, and they may not cover maternity care, preventive care, mental health services or substance abuse treatment.

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