5 Fabulous Products for Dry Skin

Dry skin happens, especially in the winter and even more so as we age. Check out these products to ease dry skin all over your body.

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Hold On to Summer With These Health Habits

Some of us are tempted to stash the sunscreen and sunglasses at the end of summer, but it's healthier to apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses year-round.

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Hair Loss Is a Problem for Women, Too

Hair loss is common in women and can occur due to genetics and the hairstyles and hair products used by women.

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How to Worship the Sun Without Getting Burned

The dangers of the sun are real, but there are ways to enjoy the sun without getting burned.

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How to Treat Your Aging Skin

Many forces are at work on our aging skin, and some changes are normal. How can you care for your skin and minimize signs of aging?

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8 Beauty Tips to Help You Fake It

Putting on makeup should not be about hiding your age, but rather enhancing what you have.

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5 Problems the Sun Can Solve

Sun can harm the skin and eyes and even cause cancer, but, in moderation, sun can benefit overall health. Find out what it can do. 

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