From the Expert: Beautiful Beauty Tips for Post-50 Women

From the Expert: Beautiful Beauty Tips for Post-50 Women

It's all about the skin care when it comes to beauty tips for older women. Think cream, cream and more cream.

Menopause & Aging Well

In my last post, I shared highlights about my post-50 beauty makeover. It was a fun experience. After the makeover, I interviewed Nordstrom beauty stylist Lorraine Parker to find out more beauty tips for post-50 women.

I'm delighted to share her answers to my questions, and I hope you find Lorraine's advice helpful.

Nordstrom beauty stylist Lorraine Parker gave me a beautiful makeup makeover.

Q: What are the most important skin care treatments for a post-50 woman?
L: The three most important skin care treatments that women over the age of 50 can use to delay the signs of aging are either a restorative and or reparative eye cream, neck cream and hand cream (the hand cream should specifically have an SPF in it) to help prevent those dark spots or hyper-pigmentation from surfacing. These are the areas of the face and body that show the first visible signs of aging. A serum and moisturizer (with SPF) on the face are just as important to enhance a more youthful radiant appearance to the skin.

Lorraine likes Clarins serums and moisturizers for post-50 skin care.

Q: Are there any tips for applying makeup?
L: Some important tips to remember when applying anything to the face is to never rub, tug or pull at the face. This can cause trauma to the skin and, for those with rosacea or any other specific skin care concern, being too aggressive with application can exacerbate these problems.

I love to blend and press products into the face, especially when using primers and foundations. Using clean hands and/or fingertips to press products into the skin can actually stimulate circulation to the surface of the skin, thus giving the skin a more supple, hydrated look. Plus, the warmth of your hands and fingertips increases the temperature of the product so that the skin absorbs it better.

Lorraine blends makeup with a blending brush and with her fingertips.

Q: What about our necks? They seem to show wrinkles more post-50.
L: I would encourage women over 50 to use a neck cream on a daily basis. Just a pea-size amount is needed. Warm the cream between clean palms and apply using an upward sweeping motion from the clavicle to the chin. Using this technique goes against gravity and creates lift.

Using a cleansing device to clean and exfoliate will keep your neck looking smooth. I notice women often forget about the neck. Being a part of our body that is so close to the face demands some attention too!

Remember less is more. Taking care of your skin starts with good skin care. The healthier your skin, the less makeup will be needed.

Q: Any other beauty tips for midlife and post-50 women?
L: I like using primers, especially for post-50 women who have more fine lines and wrinkles. By priming the skin, it creates a barrier. It fills in those lines and wrinkles so that when tinted moisturizer or foundations are applied they will adhere to the primer and not settle into those fine lines and wrinkles. This provides a much smoother, more radiant and luminous look to the canvas of your face.

Another tip is concealing. Many women experience darkness in the tear trough of their eye area. By applying a very little concealer in just that area, instead of the entire under eye, it will make the under eye look brighter and less fatigued.

Finally, a woman over 50 is embracing a stage of transformation in her life. Remember, when you look good, it will make you feel good. Skin care and makeup are ornaments to enhance one's inner beauty.

Thanks, Lorraine!

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