They say it happens to the best of us, and now it has happened to me: I just turned 40. I rocked my 30s and fully expect my 40s to be even more productive, exciting and fun. And, why wouldn’t they be? I’m more confident, experienced and fulfilled than ever before. So, all-in-all, I plan on embracing my 40s.

There is one little wrinkle in my plan, however. OK, make that a few wrinkles. You see, those fine lines around my eyes aren't looking so fine any more and parts of body are feeling less springy and a bit droopier. (After an energetic ascent up Mount Kilimanjaro last year, the descent was so hard on my knees I practically hobbled down.)

What's a newly anointed 40-year-old to do? I decided it's time to start caring for myself in ways better suited to a woman of my "advanced" years so I asked an expert for advice. Who did I ask? Much like my hike up the African mountain, I went straight to the top: Dr. Mehmet Oz. Here are his top anti-aging tips he shared with me.

Dr. Oz's Top 5 Anti-Aging Tips:

  1. Aching knees? Grab the mini plunger you have stored under your sink to suction the stress out of the knee. It can also be used on your arms and back. Follow up with Biofreeze cream, which soothes muscle tensions.
  2. Metabolism slowing down? Keep a KIND Bar on hand to hold you over between meals. This prevents overeating when you do enjoy a meal. Additionally, chewing sugar-free gum deters from mindless eating. Gum burns calories just because you are chewing.
  3. Painful intercourse? There are three easy solutions to cure vaginal dryness, which is often the culprit of discomfort during sex. Estrogen cream, which can be used once a week, lubricates the vagina and restores the moisture and elasticity that is often lost after age 40. Extra-virgin olive oil, used on the skin between the vagina and anus (called the perineum), masks dryness that causes tears and burning. Water-based lubricant, which can be used inside the vagina during intercourse, makes for a more pleasurable experience for both partners and does not cause infection.
  4. Wrinkles? Pay close attention to the ingredients in products to make sure that they are legitimate. The two most important ingredients are peptides, which smooth wrinkles and build collagen over time, and retinol, especially the slow-release form, which also reduces wrinkles without causing irritation or inflammation.
  5. Sagging skin? Tighten up by doing weight training two times per week. Squats can tighten the thighs and buttocks, which are problem areas for most women.

Want more anti-aging tips from Dr. Oz? On this coming Monday's (Monday, November 8th) episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz delves into the world of women over 40, revealing his "Over 40 Survival Kit." He'll be discussing everything from anti-aging concerns to sex solutions so tune-in or set your DVR – I know I will!

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