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Tuesday, Aug 19th 2014

Healthy End of Summer Food and Wine Pairings

by Alyssa Rapp, Founder & CEO, Bottlenotes, Inc.

It seems hard to believe that summer is already drawing to a close. Nonetheless, there are still a few crucial warm-weather weekends that are ripe opportunities for summer entertaining and en plein air eating and drinking.

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Thursday, Jul 31st 2014

#TotalBodyThursday: Bicycle Crunch Exercise

authored by Casie Popkin

New to #TotalBodyThursday? Check out the details, here.

It's easier to skip the gym if you're exercising solo, so I try and make gym dates with friends. I also find I get a better workout and push myself harder knowing someone else is sweating it out with me. Plus, I guess my competitive side kicks in a little.

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Tuesday, Jul 01st 2014

Get Fit by Labor Day: Announcing the HealthyWomen and Boot Camp Hub Get Fit Challenge!

authored by Marcia Mangum Cronin

Great news: HealthyWomen is teaming with Boot Camp Hub to offer women a free Get Fit Challenge. The eight-week online training starts Monday, July 7, and continues for eight weeks, ending just before Labor Day. If you want to lose a few pounds or just feel fit and have more energy, watch HealthyWomen.org for more details.

Trust Me, It Works!

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