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A healthy diet and a regular fitness routine are keys to living a long, healthy life. Reduce disease risks and symptoms and increase your quality of life by integrating healthy practices now. Your body will thank you. Unsure where to start? You've come to the right place.

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Taste Matters: Learn to Eat and Enjoy Flavorful, Healthy Foods

We all know we should eat healthy foods, but if we don't like the taste, it can be challenging. Here are some tips for making healthy foods more appealing.

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Injury-Proof Yourself for Effective Exercise

Don't let muscle and bone pains, strains or breaks damage your fitness efforts.

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5 Ways Eating Nuts Benefits Your Health

Have a few nuts every day. They can lower stress and reduce risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

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ask the expert

I have two sons (ages 6 and 10) whose diets sorely lack in fruits and vegetables. I try to show a good example by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, but the best results from my boys are a rarely eaten apple or nibbling at mashed potatoes or a few ears of corn. What can I do?

I had bariatric surgery four months ago. I eat lots of protein, but my hair is falling out, and I don't have room for vegetables and fruit. However, I do take a liquid vitamin and calcium. What type of foods should I be eating?