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The Long-Lasting Impacts of Covid-19

What you still need to know about the virus

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The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted and changed the way we do everything — from how we work to how we socialize, parent, receive care and information, and make decisions for ourselves and those we care for.

Two and a half years into the pandemic, women continue to be the most affected by the disruptions in work and school schedules while, at the same time, often being responsible for caregiving decisions for their families.

Through our Covid-19 education program, we’re raising awareness about the importance of screening, prevention and vaccination. We’re also offering helpful information about caregiving, antiviral treatments, managing symptoms, living with long Covid and sharing stories from real women who have faced challenges as a result of the virus.

This resource was created with support from Pfizer.


While Covid-19 may affect each person differently, some health conditions, like living with obesity, can put you at greater risk for complications, disease severity and poor health outcomes. For example, living with obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization from Covid-19. For more information, contact your healthcare provider and visit the links provided below.

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