Ridding the World of Cervical Cancer

The World Health Organization has a plan to rid the entire planet of cervical cancer. Here's what you need to know about this commonly diagnosed disease.

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Don’t Put Off Your Screening and Vaccination for Cervical Cancer

Screening and vaccination are vital for preventing cervical cancer, and women need to know the preventive tools available

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5 Reasons to Wear a Mask Even After You’re Vaccinated

Health experts explain why Americans should hold on to their masks after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

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I Was a Polio Pioneer, and I Can’t Wait to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

As a child during the polio epidemic, I never imagined my life might be saved twice by vaccines

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How Many People Need to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine in Order to Stop the Coronavirus?

When enough of the population is vaccinated, the virus has a hard time finding new people to infect, and the epidemic starts dying out.

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What’s Not Being Said About Why African Americans Need to Take the Covid-19 Vaccine

African Americans need to take the COVID-19 vaccine to protect their health, but if African Americans don't take the vaccine, the nation will never get to herd immunity

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Farmworkers, Firefighters and Flight Attendants Jockey for Vaccine Priority

As the greatest vaccination effort in the history of the country begins, your place in line could depend on what you do and where you live

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Breast Cancer Screening & Testing

Breast cancers can start in different parts of the breast, with the cells forming a tumor that can often be seen on an X-ray or felt as a lump.

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Latinos Are Especially Reluctant to Get Flu Shots – How a Small Clinic in Indiana Found Ways to Overcome That

With the COVID-19 vaccine on the way, it's crucial to understand why certain communities are reluctant to get vaccinated — and how to earn their trust

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When Can Children Get the Covid-19 Vaccine? 5 Questions Parents Are Asking

An infectious disease pharmacist and professor share their insights on vaccinating kids for COVID-19

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Adults Need Vaccines, But Not Everyone Gets Them

Socioeconomic barriers lower vaccine access in marginalized communities

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Opinion: Communications Vital to Success of Vaccine Rollout

Given the resistance to vaccines, we need a multifaceted campaign led by allies in health care and other sectors, including trusted community leaders.

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Why Scientists and Public Health Officials Need to Address Vaccine Mistrust Instead of Dismissing It

As the world awaits a COVID-19 vaccine, scientists and public health officials must anticipate and address people's concerns over its safety.

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Osteoporosis Isn’t a Given

It's Never Too Late To Start Protecting Your Bone Health

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Black Doctors Work to Make Coronavirus Testing More Equitable

One pediatric surgeon helps 10,000 get COVID-19 tests by becoming their "doctor on record"

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