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How to Feel Sexy From the Inside Out

Sexy Starts From the Inside

Before you go buy new sexy lingerie, get in touch with your inner soulful beauty and let your sexiness radiate from your confident inner essence.

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From Women's Health Foundation

Have you ever heard of Baubo, the Greek belly goddess in the story of Demeter and Persephone? Her persona is a bawdy, sexy, sensual, bodacious, comic who loves life and is not afraid to lift her skirts for a laugh—a woman comfortable in her own skin.

Understanding Baubo may help you discover that sexuality is not just about sex or great bodies or beautiful Angelina Jolie lips or sultry Lana Turner eyes. Sexuality is attitude and brains and the twinkle of an eye. It's a knowing, purposeful, confident strut; a swish and sway in a walk; an infectious laugh.

Sheer bras and panties and corsets are the bling to a woman's sexuality, the expression of her inner self. But they're not all there is to sexiness. A man may think a woman is sexy after a long workday in the garden, sun-kissed skin glistening with sweat and dirt. It may have nothing to do with her underwear—although if she's wearing some lace, that could be the icing on the cake. What's really appealing is the woman's essence—her secret garden.

When we speak about the essence of a woman, we don't mean the "perfect figure." The beauty of a woman is a soulful beauty. We've lived too long under the pressure to be beautiful. Stay with the thought for a moment because it will really help. The beauty of a woman is first a soulful beauty. And yes, as we live it out, own it, inhabit our beauty, we do become lovelier. More alluring. Our true self becomes reflected in our appearance, but it flows from the inside out.

Voluptuous breasts or creamy thighs covered in silk and lace are nice, but aren't it. It is essence. Body, mind, spirit equals essence. If you can be whole in body, mind and spirit and then cover that in silk, satin and lace, that is pure sexy!

You can see it in a woman's walk, her style and her confidence when she enters a room. This is the kind of woman that is desired and coveted for her essence.

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What makes you feel sexy? You could be dressed in work clothes and work boots, with some sensuous undergarments, and feel sexy. It starts with confidence, then some lace or whatever makes you feel good, and then the rest of it.

Why not buy some red panties or a red bra? And not just because Valentine's Day is upon us. Red is the color of energy, strength, power, vigor, leadership. Wearing touches of red on an interview can give you a bit of an edge when you want to portray confidence and action. Of course, red is also associated with passion. Look at how much of it you will see around Valentine's. Why not feel like Valentine's Day every day?

So, think about it. What do you do or wear when you want to feel sexy? Why not feel sexy all the time? The essence of a woman's beauty comes from the inside out. If you feel sexy, your partner will sense it no matter how you look. That's a good place to start, don't you think?

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