eating disorders

I Struggled With Obesity. Then I Lost the Weight … and Nearly Died From Anorexia and Bulimia.

These eating disorders may look like opposites from the outside, but they are two sides of the same coin

Thanksgiving Will Always Be Difficult For Me. Here’s How I Cope.

The holiday that celebrates food is triggering when you're overcoming an eating disorder

8 Ways to Manage Body Image Anxiety After Lockdown

Engaging with people who accept and appreciate your body as it is can help you feel more at peace with how you look

Suffering in Silence: Middle-Aged Women and Eating Disorders

Shedding light on a condition that's more common than you think

I Had An Eating Disorder for 20 Years Before I Knew Anything Was Wrong

Now I'm learning to nourish my body instead of depriving it

I Recovered from Obesity and Bulimia Triggered by Sexual Abuse Once. And I Can Do It Again.

My childhood abuse caused disordered eating and weight gain, but I learned how to heal

You Can't Put a Band-Aid Over a Bullet Hole: How I Healed From Sexual Trauma and Substance Abuse

I realized I had to deal with the painful secrets and trauma underlying my addiction in order to find a pathway to recovery.

I Didn’t Know I Had an Eating Disorder

For 30 years I suffered from compulsive overeating, never realizing that food was my coping mechanism.

How I Overcame the Shame of Anorexia and Learned to Celebrate Food

I enjoyed the high I felt when I skipped a meal and soon became addicted to that dopamine rush. Starving myself gave me a sense of success and control, when I’d previously felt helpless.

Eating Disorders in Midlife

You may think only young women struggle with eating disorders, but the fluctuating hormones and stresses of midlife also put women at risk for eating disorders.

Menopause and Eating Disorders

Women are more vulnerable to eating disorders during periods of reproductive hormone change, so when estrogen falls during menopause, eating disorders rise.

I Recovered From Anorexia in My 20s, but I’m Still Coping With the Damage to My Bones at 50

I’m 50 now, and I have osteopenia, which is low bone density that’s less severe than osteoporosis. I have it because I had an eating disorder starting when I was a teenager, for about ten years.

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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are mental illnesses, and although they revolve around eating and body weight, they aren't entirely about food but also about feelings and self-expression. READ MORE

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