Midlife Matters: The Baby Boomer Blog

Welcome to HealthyWomen.org's newest blog, Midlife Matters. An informal conversation where we discuss all matters - and why they matter - pertaining to women in midlife. We'll cover the latest in health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, fashion, beauty: in other words, life as it happens.

Our moderator, Sheryl Kraft, examines life's issues from the viewpoint of a writer (she is one), a baby boomer (she's 54) and a friend. It's like sitting down in person with other baby boomers to muse, moan, dish and groan - while we celebrate the changes that come with age. She's lined up an all-star cast of experts ready to lend their well-worn advice on everything from the best jeans, hair and makeup tips to health screenings, cancer prevention and how to safeguard your health.

And make sure to join in on the conversation. We welcome your participation, your comments as well as your helpful suggestions.


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