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Barb DePree, MD, NCMP,MMM

Barb DePree, MD, NCMP,MMM

Director of the Women's Midlife Services at Holland Hospital
Holland, MI

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About The Expert

Barb DePree, M.D., a gynecologist in practice for nearly 30 years, specializes in midlife women's health. She is certified through the North American Menopause Society as a provider, and was named the 2013 NAMS Certified Menopause Provider of the year. Dr. DePree currently serves as the Director of the Women's Midlife Services at Holland Hospital, Holland, Michigan.  In 2018 she completed a certification in Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment

A member of NAMS, ACOG, and ISSWSH, Dr. DePree has been a presenter for the ACOG CME audio program. She has served as a key opinion leader for Shionogi, AMAG, Duchesnay, Valeant, and Wyeth, leading physician education and participating in research projects.

Finding that products helpful to her patients' sexual health were not readily available, Dr. DePree founded MiddlesexMD.com, which shares practice-tested, clinically sound information and products, including guidance for working with partners and caregivers. Dr. DePree publishes regularly on her own blog, providing updates on research in women's sexual health, as well as observations and advice based on her work with women in her practice. Sharecare named her as a Top 10 Social Healthmaker for Menopause in September of 2013; in 2017 she was named among the "Top 10 Best Menopause Blogs" by Medical News Today.  Dr. DePree also publishes podcast interviews on women in midlife, exploring the ways they have made the transition in their lives and careers.