empty nesters

Since You've Been Gone: Making Big Plans Once Your Chick Has Flown the Coop

You've done your job as a parent: you've raised your children right and now they're off to college or work. Why not reward yourself?

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woman gardening - empty nest hobby

Enjoy Yourself: Choosing a Hobby in an Empty Nest

Check out new hobbies and activities to help fill the void of the empty nest after the kids leave home.

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older woman doing yoga

Fitness: An Empty Nest Can Be the Perfect Setting to Get in Shape

Now that the chicks have flown the coop, you have the space and time to get fit right in your own home.

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woman sitting on stoop with luggage - adult children returning home

The Boomerang Generation: When an Empty Nest Turns Into a Full House

There's a growing trend in American households where parents may actually find themselves longing for an empty nest.

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group of women exercising and laughing

The Social Network: Building Friendships for Empty Nesters

Pursuing activities with friends, taking classes and joining new groups provide a social network for empty nesters.

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ask the expert

I'm 53 years old and I completely lost my sex drive three years ago. Is this common?

I just turned 59 and with the big 6-0 on the horizon I've started exercising and trying to take better care of myself (better late than never, right?). Are there any super-foods a gal like me should begin adding to her diet to help keep my mind sharp and my body strong?