aging well

6 Common Myths About Aging

Think you know the facts about growing older? Think again. Find out some common misconceptions about aging.

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group helping pick up garbage

The Health Benefits of Volunteering

Good deeds lead to good health.

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middle aged woman practicing Tai Chi

Learning a Sport at Midlife or Beyond

It's not too late to try a new sport. Get ideas and tips on getting started.

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middle-aged woman

Your Mental Health at Midlife

Are you experiencing lots of ups and downs? No, you're not going crazy. You're going through middle age.

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Healthy Life

The Secret to a Healthy Life

Staying active can be your ticket to better health. Reduce age-related medical risks by integrating exercise into your daily routine.

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ask the expert

As I'm getting older, I am becoming more concerned with bone health. Are there certain foods I can eat to fend off weakened bones?

I just turned 59 and with the big 6-0 on the horizon I've started exercising and trying to take better care of myself (better late than never, right?). Are there any super-foods a gal like me should begin adding to her diet to help keep my mind sharp and my body strong?