What You Need to Know About Age-Related Blindness

Just because you see the world clearly now doesn't mean it won't start to blur as you age. Learn more about age-related macular degeneration.

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skeleton doing a plank

Your Health at Midlife: 3 Things You Need to Focus On

Three things you need to focus on at midlife are your bones, your heart and your blood sugar.

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middle aged woman smiling

Contraception Options for Women Over 40

Turning 40? Review your contraception options.

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photo of a hurt ankle

Health Facts: Osteoarthritis Management Options

For some patients who have osteoarthritis, some daily activities can be painful. Help your patients ease their joint pain with this handout about osteoarthritis management options.

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angry couple in bed

What's REALLY Causing Your Low Sex Drive?

If you have low sex drive, you may have a form of female sexual dysfunction called hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or HSDD.

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ask the expert

My husband is having trouble with sex. He can't have an erection. This has never happened before. Can I do anything to help him?

Is it common to experience mood swings and depression during the years leading into menopause and immediately after?

CAD symptoms

Could Your Symptoms be a Sign of Heart Trouble?

Did you know coronary artery disease (CAD) kills more women than HIV and all cancers combined? If you’re expecting chest pain, you may be overlooking some important, less obvious symptoms.

Evaluate your symptoms with our CAD Symptoms Checklist.

symptom checklist

Are you experiencing burning, itching or painful sex? This print-and-go checklist will help you to identify symptoms and start a conversation with your health care professional.