senior health

Keys to a Long Life

Social support and spirituality can add years to your life. Find out what else experts say can lead to a longer, happier and more healthful life, and lower your risk of heart disease, depression and Alzheimer's.

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unhappy face made out of food on a plate

Appetite Loss: How to Combat It and Stay Healthy

Sometimes people lose their appetite as they age. Here are tips for how to combat appetite loss and stay healthy.

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Healthy Life

The Secret to a Healthy Life

Staying active can be your ticket to better health. Reduce age-related medical risks by integrating exercise into your daily routine.

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senior couple

Alzheimer's Disease: Prevention and Coping

Learn about lifestyle changes that can help prevent Alzheimer's. Plus, strategies for caring for someone that's been diagnosed.

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middle-aged woman

Your Mental Health at Midlife

Are you experiencing lots of ups and downs? No, you're not going crazy. You're going through middle age.

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ask the expert

My father is a Vietnam War veteran. I've moved closer to him so we can do more things together, and I've noticed his health isn't as good as it was. I thought he was getting the health care he needs, but now I'm not so sure. He smokes a lot, and I'm worried about heart disease.

I'm concerned about the osteoporosis medication I'm taking after hearing that it could increase my risk of fracture instead of protecting me. What should I do?