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As a breast cancer survivor, Jacquelyne encourages everyone to perform self-exams and get their yearly mammograms.

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5 Women's Health and Beauty Products Made by Women

From period products to organic makeup, here are some badass brands founded by women

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May 12-18 is National Women’s Health Week.

As the saying goes, behind every great company is a great woman. Or we should say, a lot of great women.

Nearly 4 out of 10 businesses in the U.S. are owned by women. These women-owned businesses employ more than 12 million people and generate $2.7 trillion a year in revenue. And the number of women-owned businesses is going up.

In fact, that number increased by nearly double the rate of businesses owned by men between 2019 and 2023,.. And Black and Latinx women-owned businesses increased at an even higher rate compared to all women-owned businesses.

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Women continue to be a driving force behind some of the most essential and innovative products to date (cheers to birth control pills and antifungal drugs!). And the same goes for products designed for women’s health and wellness. From non-toxic tampons to organic tinted moisturizer, here are a few badass brands founded by women you should know about.

LOLA for healthier period products

Period products with no dyes or toxins? Yes, please. Alex Friedman and Jordana Kier founded LOLA to bring a healthier version of tampons to the masses. The company didn’t stop at tampons, though. They sell pads, washable period underwear and sexual wellness products, including an adorable mini vibrator. All LOLA products are made without chemicals, dyes, fragrance, chlorine bleach or synthetic fibers and are approved by gynecologists. Also cool: you can purchase period products and condoms on the website to donate to people who need them through ISupport the Girls.

Asutra for muscle pain relief approved by Venus Williams

You know you’re doing something right when tennis legend Venus Williams likes your products so much she becomes part owner and global brand manager of your company. Asutra owner and CEO Stephanie Morimoto also started out as a customer before purchasing the self-care product company in 2018. From aromatherapy to skincare and sleep, all products are made from organic plants, essential oils and minerals like magnesium and are vetted by an advisory board. Asutra’s popular line (and “Venus fave”) includes body lotions and sprays with magnesium and capsaicin, an FDA-approved pain reliever that comes from chili peppers, for minor aches.

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Schmidt’s deodorant for better body odor

If you’re a fan of natural deodorant, you’ve heard of Schmidt’s … or at least popped the top off of a stick in the grocery store to see if you liked the smell. If that’s the case, you probably bought it because even though the label says “bergamot and lime” — and you don’t even know what bergamot is — you want it on your armpits. This was probably what founder Jaime Schmidt had in mind when she started making natural products in her kitchen in 2010. She was pregnant at the time and wanted to create a deodorant without chemicals that smelled really good and actually worked. The rest is underarm history. You can pick up the certified natural, vegan and cruelty-free deodorant in big box stores across the U.S. The sweet smell of success includes blends like cactus flower and pear, and grapefruit and apricot.

Moxie Fitness Apparel for bladder leakage

Finding time and energy to workout is tough enough. But wondering if you’re going to pee a little — or a lot — every time you jog or jump is a good reason to skip the gym. It was squats that led Holly Mosack, a Crossfit trainer and veteran, to start a line of leggings, capris and shorts that help keep urinary incontinence leaks from ruining your routine. Moxie Fitness Apparel’s design wicks fluid into the middle absorbent barrier, trapping urine and keeping skin dry. The bottoms are available in different colors and patterns (camo, of course) and maternity sizes. Each pair can hold 8 teaspoons of pee. Bring on the squats.

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The Honest Company for organic makeup by Jessica Alba

Truth: Actor Jessica Alba has incredible skin. Sure, it could be genetics, but she attributes her Instagram-filter face to products from The Honest Company she founded in 2012. Either way, at the core, the company makes organic, non-toxic products, including skincare and makeup for all skin types. The cosmetics are made from naturally derived ingredients, which means no sulfates and other irritating additives that can trigger allergies or breakouts. Some products read more like a list for the farmers market: carrots, kale, apple extract and lemons. More power to the produce if it helps your skin.

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