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10 Baby Products That Adults Can Use

10 Baby Products That Adults Can Use

Many baby products contain gentle ingredients and are inexpensive, so adults can put them to good use, too.


Don't throw away that baby shampoo! Oftentimes, old-school baby products are great for adults, too. Why? Because typically they're made of gentle ingredients and inexpensive, to boot. Here are some items you should be borrowing from your child's nursery.

1. Diapers can be used to create ice packs.
Slit the inside of a diaper and scrape out the absorbent lining material. Put it in a zippered plastic bag. Add water and mix until the material is thoroughly moistened and gel-like. Place in freezer for about an hour, until frozen. If you need ice pack for your bottom, you can slit the inside of the diaper near the top edge, insert a few ice cubes, cut the diaper tabs off to seal the slit and then wear inside your underwear to ease soreness.

2.Baby wipes can help remove makeup.
Wipes aren't just for cleaning your baby's bottom. Use ones that are hypoallergenic and fragrance free to help remove your makeup at the end of the day.

3. Rehydrating solution can help cure a hangover.
Drink a rehydrating product, like Pedialyte, to help cure a hangover after a serious night of drinking that led to vomiting and loss of fluid. The replenishing ingredients in the product can help your body absorb water more effectively, which is important if you're dehydrated.

4. Baby oil helps remove waterproof eye makeup.
Saturate a cotton ball with the oil. Apply the cotton ball to your closed eye. Hold for a few seconds, letting the oil soak in and allowing your eye makeup to break down. Then rub gently, moving the cotton ball away from your eye.

5. Baby powder can help prevent inner thigh chafe when you're working out.
Lightly apply baby powder to your inner thighs and any other areas where you chafe. Thighs will stay dry and you'll smell fresh. Read more beauty hacks every woman should know.

6. Baby shampoo can make your shoes sparkle.
Dab a drop of shampoo onto a cloth. Rub gently. The shampoo will help revive the appearance of leather shoes.

7. Petroleum jelly can alleviate dry skin.
After washing and moisturizing your face in the evening, rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your face. The process will help lock in moisture and stop your skin from becoming chapped and sore.

8. Baby washcloths can help remove deodorant marks on clothing.
Baby washcloths are designed for sensitive skin, so they can be used on delicate items and fabrics. That makes them ideal to use when eliminating deodorant marks from your clothing.

9. Diaper rash cream helps prevent foot odor and sweat.
Massage diaper cream into your feet. Then remove residue with a dry cloth.

10. Baby lotion can help revitalize your skin.
Baby lotion is full of moisture and smoothness. Try one that contains oatmeal to help hydrate skin even more without the grease.

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