Memory Loss After Sexual Assault Is Real

It's common for people not to remember traumatic events — but memory loss still may be used as another excuse to deny them justice

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Women Now Drink as Much as Men — and Are Prone to Sickness Sooner

This trend parallels the rise in mental health concerns among young women

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Marital Rape Is Still Legal

Her husband raped her. The state said it wasn't a crime.

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Hospitals Are Allowing Medical Students to Perform Pelvic Exams on Unconscious Women — Without Their Consent

It's 2021, and women are still being treated like property in this outrageous practice

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US Has a Long History of Violence Against Asian Women

Harmful stereotypes of Asian women in American popular culture date back to at least the 19th century

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I Recovered from Obesity and Bulimia Triggered by Sexual Abuse Once. And I Can Do It Again.

My childhood abuse caused disordered eating and weight gain, but I learned how to heal

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Older Women Get Stalked, Too

No matter the victim's age, the harm is real

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The #MeToo Movement Is Opening a Dialogue on PTSD and Sexual Trauma

Women are twice as likely to suffer from PTSD as men and yet in the media it is still associated primarily with active-duty servicemembers and veterans.


Violence Against Women Is Overlooked in Its Role in Opioid Epidemic

Women who are subject to violence – often from intimate partners – are more likely to turn to opioids or other substances leading to further health and life problems, including increased risk for HIV infection.

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HealthyWomen Opposes Proposed Changes to Title IX’s Rules for Sexual Harassment and Assaults Involving Students

HealthyWomen opposes the proposed changes to Title IX because sexual harassment and sexual assaults have long-lasting consequences for women's physical and mental health.


What Is Considered Sexual Assault?

It's important to understand what sexual assault means so you can recognize it and hopefully help prevent it.

Women Returning from War

Understanding stress disorders, from symptoms to diagnosis.

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