You Can't Put a Band-Aid Over a Bullet Hole: How I Healed From Sexual Trauma and Substance Abuse

I realized I had to deal with the painful secrets and trauma underlying my addiction in order to find a pathway to recovery.

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Family and Friends Can Be Key to Helping End Domestic Violence, Study Suggests

COVID-19 is putting people at greater risk for domestic violence, but family and friends can be a lifeline.

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Domestic Violence's Overlooked Damage: Concussion And Brain Injury

After domestic violence women often suffer brain injuries that are not diagnosed or treated, leading to long-term problems.

Sexual Health

Employers Aren’t Doing Enough to Stop Sexual Harassment at Work

The #MeToo movement has shone the spotlight on sexual harassment in the workplace, but a new survey shows most U.S. employers aren't tackling the issue.

PTSD and Sexual Harassment

With the recent accounts of sexual assault and harassment, it's important to remember that one of the most troubling and lingering results of a sexual assault is post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

Sexual Health

#MeToo: Will It Help in the Long Run?

Will the recent focus on sexual harassment in the workplace help its victims and other women in the long run?

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Tougher Gun Laws Reduce Domestic Violence Deaths

Stricter gun laws might spur a decline in domestic violence murders, new research suggests.

What Is Considered Sexual Assault?

It's important to understand what sexual assault means so you can recognize it and hopefully help prevent it.