Aging : It's All About Attitude

How's your attitude?

Researchers have found something that I've always known: attitude affects how we age. If you have a negative view of aging, when you get there yourself, chances are you will act that way.

This is otherwise known as a self-fulfilling prophecy, don't you think?

I wholeheartedly agree. I grew up with a grandmother so young-looking that when we were together people thought she was my mother. Not only did she look great, but the way she embraced life was refreshing and contagious. When I was with her, I couldn't help but be happy, too. She continued to sing and dance and fully embrace and enjoy her life up until her 90s, when her heart weakened and along with it, her body.

So I say it can't hurt to keep up a good attitude. I know I'm doing all I can do to age well, both physically and mentally (and you know these are both interconnected, don't you?) A strong and healthy mental attitude helps our immune system function at its best, helping to both protect, recover from and fight against many illnesses

How do you look upon aging? Share your tips for a healthy attitude!


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