Endometriosis and Pregnancy

pregnant woman doing yogaIf you have endometriosis, you've probably asked yourself or your health care provider: "How could this affect my ability to get pregnant?" That's a good question. The simple answer is that it may make it harder for you to get pregnant. Studies find that about 21 to 44 percent of infertile women have endometriosis, but only 4 to 22 percent of fertile women. What we don't know, however, is if it is the endometriosis itself that impacts a woman's ability to get pregnant, or something else at work. It also doesn't mean you won't or can't get pregnant.

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Here's a brief overview of what we do know, what we think might be going on, and what steps you can take to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Will having endometriosis make me less fertile? As noted before, it's possible. There is some evidence that women with minimal or mild endometriosis are less fertile than other women. Certainly researchers see it in baboons, our closest animal cousin when it comes to such things. Plus, we do see that the worse the endometriosis, the worse the fertility rate in women. We even see this in women who undergo artificial insemination, in which the sperm is placed directly in the uterus, where it has the best chance of meeting up with an egg.