What It’s Like to Care for a Child With Severe Eczema

My daughter has severe eczema and life-threatening food allergies. Keeping her safe is a family affair.

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‘Kicking You When You’re Down’: Many Cancer Patients Pay Dearly for Parking

The cost of parking while in cancer treatment is finally drawing national scrutiny

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COVID-19 and the Growing Importance of Diverse Participation in Clinical Trials

Women and minorities should join studies to develop more effective treatments


Why Clinical Trials Need to Emphasize Function Over Pain Measurement

Rather than pain reduction, the ability to lead a quality life should be prioritized


The Color of COVID: Will Vaccine Trials Reflect America’s Diversity?

Groups hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic have historically been underrepresented in clinical trials for disease treatment.

Science and Technology

We Need More Black Women in Clinical Trials

First, we need to deal with the history of exploitation

Science and Technology

Why Women Are Needed in COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Women aren't just little men with vaginas. Drugs and vaccines tested disproportionately on men may not work for us.

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From the Research Lab to Your Doctor's Office – Here's What Happens in Phase 1, 2, 3 Drug Trials

Drugs and vaccines to fight the coronavirus are already in clinical trials. It is important to understand the difference between each step in this process as efforts to fight COVID-19 continue.

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'You Pray That You Got The Drug.' Ailing Couple Gambles On Trial For COVID-19 Cure

Despite their personal uncertainty, when a doctor approached the ailing couple at their bedsides to ask if they would consent to join a study of an experimental drug to help experts learn to treat COVID-19, each agreed.

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Importation of Prescription Drugs—Soothing Salve or Irritating Lotion?

Importation of prescription drugs to lower costs is being proposed by the Trump Administration using demonstration projects and other pathways. Safety concerns and monitoring have yet to be addressed, but it could be human experimentation without informed

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Public Awareness Campaign on Sex Differences in Heart Disease and Improving Recruitment and Retention of Women in Device Trials

Women experience different signs and symptoms of heart disease, which can lead to ineffective, delayed or missed treatment opportunities.

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Marijuana is a Lot More Than Just THC—a Pharmacologist Looks at the Untapped Healing Compounds

Medical marijuana is generating greater attention as more states legalize its use. However, there are many different active chemical compounds in the different strains of the cannabis plant.

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The FDA: A Strong Supporter of Women's Health

The FDA's Office of Women's Health protects and advances the health of women, so it's important to support full funding for the FDA.

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Volunteer for Clinical Trials

Watch this video from the Alliance for Aging Research to learn more.

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Clinical Trials

Every drug that makes it to the pharmacy shelf must leap over numerous hurdles, starting with experimentation in the lab, followed by clinical trials in humans and culminating with the scrutiny of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which must review and approve all proposed new medications for safety and effectiveness before they can be sold to consumers.

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