cancer survivor

Shannon Murphy

I Started My Dream Job. Then I Was Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer.

Being open and honest with myself and my colleagues helped me balance work and bladder cancer

Shannon Murphy

Obtuve el trabajo de mis sueños. Un poco después me diagnosticaron cáncer de vejiga.

Ser abierta y honesta conmigo y mis colegas fue útil para encontrar un equilibrio entre el trabajo y el cáncer de vejiga

Deborah Norville

Deborah Norville Keeps Her Viewers Close and Her Doctors Closer

TV anchor and journalist Deborah Norville reflects on her journey with thyroid cancer

Linda Urbanski

For Nearly a Year, Doctors Dismissed My Bladder Cancer Symptoms as UTIs

In my bladder cancer advocacy work, I see many other women overlooked by medical professionals

Schern Yung on the beach

My OB-GYN Told Me It Was Nothing to Worry About — But It Ended Up Being Ovarian Cancer

Fortunately, I wound up with a supportive team of healthcare providers who helped me get well

Tara Mulder

Living with Ovarian Cancer Was Tough, but the Lessons I Learned Led to Lasting Joy and Clarity

I learned how amazing collaborative doctors can be and I was able to prioritize what makes me happy

Carole Motycka

I Walked into the ER with a Shoulder Injury — I Left with a Colon Cancer Diagnosis and 6 Months to Live

As a colon cancer survivor turned advocate, I see the role luck, self-advocacy and privilege played in my diagnosis and treatment

Sadness of a woman in the dark

My Melanoma Was Dismissed as an Inflamed Hair Follicle

As a young woman of color, I was seemingly the last person who would be struck by the potentially lethal skin cancer

Susan Smedley

Surviving Lung Cancer Helped Me Embrace the Connection Between Body and Mind

I now own a yoga studio and help other cancer patients and survivors cope

How to Care for Your Mental Health if You Have Colon Cancer

How to Care for Your Mental Health if You Have Colon Cancer

Many colorectal cancer survivors deal with mental health challenges, but the disease doesn’t have to define you

Cómo cuidar tu salud mental si tienes cáncer de colon

Cómo cuidar tu salud mental si tienes cáncer de colon

Muchos sobrevivientes de cáncer colorrectal enfrentan dificultades de la salud mental, pero la enfermedad no tiene que definirte

Terri Conneran

Getting Stage 3 Lung Cancer for Christmas Only Made Me Love the Holidays More

My cancer diagnosis really made me appreciate what a gift life is

Husband and wife touching heads

Good Sex with Emily Jamea: Sex After Cancer

Cancer and treatments like chemotherapy can have sexual side effects — but you can reclaim your sexuality and find intimacy again

Back shot of Japanese woman a view of the sea

I Went Through Menopause Early to Prevent My Cancer from Coming Back

After surviving breast cancer and induced menopause, I’m struggling to stay mentally healthy

Kristen Lummis

I Was on High Alert for Cancer, but not Endometrial Cancer

I knew Lynch syndrome increased our family’s risk of colorectal cancer. I didn’t know it could be just as likely to cause endometrial cancer.

Hannah Keels

Asking for Support Helps Me Heal

Learning how to give family and friends actionable tasks has been an essential part of my journey with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer

Mother and adult daughter spending time together

Life After Diagnosis: Navigating the Things You Love with Urothelial Bladder Cancer

Tips to help you maintain your everyday lifestyle after a UBC diagnosis

Kimberly Holiday-Coleman

My Symptoms Were Dismissed as Hemorrhoids, but I Had Colon Cancer

My cancer diagnosis led me to appreciate the little things — and learn to dance

Monica Cox

I Became a Bladder Cancer Survivor at 30

Bladder cancer most often affects older adults. My diagnosis was an exception.

Lungs Health stock photo

Lung Cancer Kills an Alarming Number of Women — But There’s Hope

There are many misconceptions about risk factors and treatment options for lung cancer

LaToya Kight

My Close Friend’s Cancer Diagnosis Helped Save My Life

After losing my close friend to cancer that was diagnosed too late, I knew I had to advocate for myself

Bess Siegal

I Never Smoked and Got Lung Cancer

The worst-case scenario happened to me. And I'm stronger and more grateful because of it.