Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment Was Destroying My Spirit — Until I Tapped Into My Colombian Roots and Alternative Medicine

When my breast cancer spread to my bones, I realized it was time for a more holistic approach. Now I'm living my best life ever.

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Staying Hopeful After 5 Recurrences of Cancer

During cancer's repeated attacks, a teacher finds support from her husband and her school.

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How I Overcame Anal Cancer and Threw a Huge Party

No one ever told me my HPV diagnosis could lead to anal cancer. Now I'm on a mission to educate people, save lives and dispel the stigma around this increasingly common disease.

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Follicular Lymphoma: What You Should Know

Follicular lymphoma is characterized by cycles of remission and relapse and is the second most common form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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I Had a 13.5-Pound Tumor in My Abdomen, but I’m Fighting Back

After surviving a rare type of cancer, I've become an avid runner and an organic gardener.

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Fertility Info Lacking for Young Women Who Beat Cancer

Many young female cancer survivors say they don't receive enough information about preserving their fertility, a new study finds. These women are at risk for early menopause because of their cancer treatment. If they want to have children but are not yet ready to start a family, they may be able to freeze their eggs or embryos after treatment, researchers explained.


Mom-to-Be Olympian Shannon Miller Feels Like a 'Mama Bear'

A little birdie has told us (actually we read about it on that Notes from the Nursery friend and seven-time Olympic medal winner, Shannon Miller, is going to be a mom!

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