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It’s a Myth That Sunscreen Prevents Melanoma in People of Color – a Dermatologist Explains

In Black people, melanoma usually develops in parts of the body that are not exposed to the sun — and sunscreen will do nothing to reduce the risk

10 Things You Must Know to Practice Safe Sun Care

You don't have to avoid the sun entirely, but you must learn how to use sunscreen correctly and follow safe sun practices to avoid skin cancer and prematurely aged skin.

Don't Ignore Changes in Skin Color

A change in skin color typically means something's wrong in the body. Here are a list of changes to watch for.

New Therapy May Help When Melanoma Spreads to Brain

A type of therapy that harnesses the immune system is giving new hope to people battling a once hopeless cancer—melanoma that's spread to the brain.

How to Do a Skin Cancer Body Check

Every year, about 5 million Americans are treated for skin cancer—an abnormal growth of skin cells that most often develops on areas exposed to the sun.

Can You Recognize the Signs of Skin Cancer?

Learn the early signs of skin cancer.

Unexpected Places You Can Get Skin Cancer

Unexpected Places You Can Get Skin Cancer

Most of us know we can get sunburned when we go to the beach or the lake in the summer, so we slather on the sunscreen. But we need to remember to protect all exposed skin at all times of the year, because the sun can damage the skin anytime, anywhere. And skin cancer can show up in unexpected places on the body.

Skin Cancer Is No Day at the Beach

Skin Cancer Is No Day at the Beach

I was diagnosed with skin cancer within days of turning 50 in October 2005. In the same month, I also got asthma and gingivitis—getting old was no fun! But I was lucky. All of my health problems were relatively minor and treatable.

woman on the beach applying sunscreen

Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

Choosing a sunscreen can be confusing. Find out what to look for and learn other tips for preventing sun damage and protecting your skin and eyes this summer.

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, probably making up more than half of all diagnosed cases of cancer, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS). READ MORE

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