We all fall into beauty routines, often washing our face with the same cleanser day after day. Recently, a friend of mine was having a lot of trouble with her skin. She was using the same cleanser she had been using for years but, over the course of a few months, the condition of her facial skin had gone south. My first tip for her was: change your cleanser!

Your skin is an organ—the largest one you have, to be exact. It changes with age and diet and can be affected by stress and pollution. Your cleanser should fit the needs of your skin as it changes. Knowing what type of product to look for is the best way to narrow your search for a good cleansing match.

Oily Skin: Try a foaming cleanser or a gel cleanser. These will provide the deepest clean. Wash morning and evening before bed. Foaming and gel cleansers can be irritating to other skin types but they usually provide the deep-down dirt busting that oily skinned people need.

Dry Skin: For people with chronically dry skin, milky or creamy cleansers are the ticket. These are gentle and will remove dirt and oil from your face. Look for moisturizing formulas without known skin irritants such as sodium laureth sulfate. This is a detergent that is present in many of our beauty products in the United States. It can be especially irritating for those with dry or sensitive skin.

Combination Skin: For combination skin you want to tackle dirt and oil but stay gentle on your dry spots. Try a slightly foaming creamy cleanser. When I was a teen I had dry, sensitive skin but now, in my late 20s, I've developed textbook combo skin. I am loyal to Origins' Checks and Balances Face Wash. I haven't found another product that gets my face so clean without that tight, dry feeling afterward.

Sensitive Skin: Similar to those with dry skin, you want to avoid any product with harsh irritants or too much foam. Stick to milky or creamy cleansers. Hypoallergenic and unscented formulas are good bets. Some gel cleansers may work but make sure they are labeled "gentle." Cetaphil is generally agreed upon by beauty writers and dermatologists alike to be the gold standard for sensitive skin.

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Bethany Porter is a blogger and beauty junkie. She believes in healthy living and that women have powerful potential for beauty both inside and out.

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