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Top Halloween Recipes

Top Halloween Recipes

Looking for some frightful, fun and spooky treats to serve at a Halloween party or to whip up with the kids? Here are some of our favorite holiday-inspired recipes.

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Looking for some frightful, fun and spooky treats to serve at a Halloween party or to whip up with the kids? Here are some of our favorite holiday-inspired recipes. Don't be afraid—while they may look creepy, we promise they'll be tasty.

Candy Corn Candy Bark
Need an excuse to use up Halloween candy? Then try this Candy Corn Candy Bark. Besides being something you'll love to munch on, it's a quick, no-fuss treat that makes a great gift for a neighbor or teacher. Even better? Add any type of candy or cookies that you desire.

Easy Ghost Cake
This ghost cake is a simple and fun treat to make and serve at any Halloween party. Not the best cake decorator? No problem! The unevenness of the luscious and creamy frosting gives the ghost more character, like a wrinkled sheet.

Spiderweb Cupcakes
Bring these fun and festive cupcakes to your Halloween party. And they're easy to make to boot. Use any chocolate cupcakes you want—homemade, box mix or store-bought. Then choose your white frosting—cream cheese, butter cream or a store-bought variety. When frosting cupcakes, use a small-tipped piping bag for more control. And practice on wax paper or a paper towel before trying it on your cupcakes.

Halloween Monster Treats
The blogger promises that this fun Halloween recipe takes just one minute to make. So if you're short on time but still want to serve something festive to the kids, these treats will fit the bill, all in just 60 seconds flat.

Healthy Candy Apple Wedges
Do you sneak some of your kid's Halloween candy when no one is looking? That's why it's a good idea to keep healthier treats on hand to satisfy a sweet tooth when it strikes. Make these wedges with the kids, melting a few different kinds of chocolate and letting them use nuts or other toppings like coconut flakes or chia seeds. NOTE: Serve these wedges within a few hours after you make them to prevent the apples from oxidizing.

Halloween Chocolate Monster Cookies
Want to do something fun with your kids this Halloween season? Have them decorate these cookies. They're sure to have a blast as they place the chocolate syrup where they want the decorations to stick to the cookies. For less mess, lay out all the monster-face decorative toppings on sheet pans.

Ginger Wasabi Filled Chocolate Skulls
These five-ingredient rich dark chocolate skulls have a surprisingly flavorful kick. They offer a warm spicy taste of sweet ginger and wasabi. Find the skull ice cube molds online and then distribute these treats to parents who are walking around town trick-or-treating with their kids.

Bloody Good Cheesecake
This spooky Halloween cheesecake is sure to be the centerpiece of your party. Red velvet cheesecake is baked on a chocolate crust and covered in a blood-red homemade gel frosting. The cake features plenty of chocolate without being too sweet. To make the cake extra spooky, add the easy homemade red gel frosting. (But the cake can stand alone without the fake blood frosting if that spooks you out.) Just be sure to make the cake a day ahead so it has enough time to cool in the oven, which prevents it from cracking. Then chill it in the refrigerator before serving.

Scream Cheese Brownies
Chocolate fans will adorn this treat. This easy Halloween dish is basically brownies with a cream-cheese layer. Adapt the dessert for another holiday by using a different color food coloring.

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