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womanSexual Desire
Understanding Your Sex Drive: When One of You Wants It More
Getting In the Mood for Sex
Start Enjoying Sex Again
Keeping Passion in Your Relationship
Firing Up Sexual Desire
De-Stress Your Sex Life
Your Sexuality at Midlife
Setting the Mood
Natural Aphrodisiacs: Eating Your Way to Better Sex
Restoring Romance


Q: Like most other women I know, I'm a busy mom. Where and how do I find time for sex when I have so many distractions?
Q: I think the antidepressant I'm taking is affecting my sex drive. Is this possible?
Q: I am attracted to my partner, but I have no desire to have sex. I'm 35. Is this normal?
Q: I've recently heard that the brain is the most important sexual organ. What does that mean?
Q: I can't remember the last time I was interested in sex. I brought it up with my doctor, but I didn't really understand what she told me. Any advice?
Q: We've been trying to get pregnant for months now, but there is no passion left. How do we rekindle the flame?
Q: I'm having trouble making ends meet. With the holidays coming up, it seems like all my partner and I talk about is money. Our sex life is nonexistent. I really want to reconnect, de-stress and forget about all this money stuff. Any advice?
Q: I'm noticing a drop in sexual desire, but I don't want to use hormones, drugs, or herbs. Are there any alternatives?
Q: I'm 53 years old and I completely lost my sex drive three years ago. Is this common?
Q: Is there something I can take to boost my libido? Lately, I just have no desire to have sex.
Q: Why does a woman's sex drive drop when she's menstruating?
Q: What is a "normal" or typical amount of sex for a person to have per month? If a perimenopausal woman is only interested in sex once every three to four weeks, is that abnormal?

Intimacy without Intercourse

couple in bedHaving Fun Between the Sheets
Enhancing Your Sexual Experiences Through Your Five Senses
Intimacy Without Intercourse
Don't Be Shy: Tools to Help Make Sex Fun!
Stress Less for Better Sex
Orgasm Much?
Tantric Sex: Learn Something New from Something Ancient
Top Sex Positions for Every Type of Orgasm
Spice It Up: 5 Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally
5 Ways to Help Him Last Longer in Bed

Q: How can I improve my own and my partner's orgasm?
Q: I've heard about vacation sex. What is it, and can it improve my sex life with my partner?
Q: What is the secret for a great sex life?

Intimacy without Intercourse
Stress Less for Better Sex

Attitudes Toward Sex
Your Sexual Self-Esteem
Good Relationship, So-So Sex Life? 3 Ways to Turn Up the Heat

Q: I haven't dated in a while, much less had sex. I'm in my early 30s. I don't want to spend the rest of my life without a relationship and sex. Any suggestions?
Q: My partner and I have different views on sex because of our different backgrounds. How can help my partner feel more comfortable discussing topics considered taboo?
Q: Sex was absolutely a forbidden topic when I was growing up. I'm still not comfortable with it. I'm single and in my late 40s. Anything I can do to be more open to sex when I'm dating?
Q: I haven't dated in many years because I am insecure sexually. I have never felt my G spot (if I have one). I have clitoral orgasms (although not as intense now) by myself, but not with a man. I'm afraid my partners will tell others I'm bad in bed or humiliate me in some other way. Help!
Q: I am 35 years old and think I may have a sex addiction. I continue to act out sexually (e.g., having sex with strangers often) even though I have promised myself I will stop. How do I end this compulsive behavior?

Your Sexual Self-Esteem

happy coupleTalking About Sex
How to Share Your Past Sexual Experiences
Talking to Your Health Care Provider about...Sex!
What You Need to Know About Men's Sexual Problems
What to Expect from Sex Therapy
How to Get Over Awkward Sex Moments

Q: My wife doesn't seem interested in sex. I'd like to ask her if there is anything I can do to help, but I don't know where to start.
Q: I am a lesbian and my partner and I are having sexual problems. Are there therapists who specialize in same-sex relationships?
Q: Talking about sex turns me on. I like to explain what I like and don't, but my partner hates talking about sex. Our different preferences are affecting our sex life. Any suggestions?
Q: I am 53 and have been married for 13 years, but my husband and I have not had sex in four years. I have told him that I long for the intimacy and sexual pleasure we once shared. He says that he has found "peace within" and no longer feels the need for sex. I really love him, but I feel abandoned, unloved and insecure. He does not want us to seek counseling. What can I do?

Talking to Your Health Care Provider about...Sex!

Sex and Exercise
Sexual Health: One Good Reason to Exercise
Sexercises: Workouts to Work You Up
Exercising Together: Tips for Couples
Benefits of Sex Go Way Beyond the Obvious

Q: I've heard that yoga can improve sex. Is this true?
Q: Can exercise affect my sex life? At this point, I’ll try anything to make it better!

Sexual Health - One Good Reason to Exercise

Sex and Your Changing Body
Female Sexual Dysfunction Defined
Sex During Pregnancy: What Works, What Doesn't
Sex After Baby
Sex After Surgery
Medications and Sex: What You Should Know
Intimacy After a Diagnosis
The Reality behind Testosterone Therapy
Sex After 50
When Sex Hurts
Sex at Midlife
Breast Cancer and Sexuality
Returning to the Bedroom after Childbirth
The Hormones of Desire

Q: My periods are getting longer and heavier and are really interfering with my sex life. How can I get some relief?
Q: What does an orgasm feel like? I'm 30, sexually active, and I don't think I've ever had one. Could something be wrong with me?
Q: I'm beginning to suspect that my diabetes is affecting my interest in sex. Is this possible?
Q: Does sexual desire change after a hysterectomy? I'm scheduled for one in about a month and I'd like to know.
Q: I had a vaginal delivery. Will sex be the same for my husband and me?
Q: I'm 25 years old, and sex isn't fun for me at all. It hurts. What's wrong with me?
Q: My husband is having trouble with sex. He can't have an erection. This has never happened before. Can I do anything to help him?
Q: I had a hysterectomy several years ago and since then have not had any sexual urge whatsoever. It's tearing me apart. My doctor gave me a prescription for testosterone cream but it's done nothing for me. Please help!
Q: My husband was recently diagnosed with Peyronie's Disease. What suggestions can you tell me to continue to have sex? It is very frustrating for him and me.
Q: I am 41 and had a hysterectomy one year ago. I would like to know if that is why I can't have an orgasm when I have sex with my boyfriend. Aside from the lack of orgasm, the sex is quite good.
Q: My partner and I both have diabetes and high blood pressure. I often don't feel sexually aroused (and certainly cannot climax), and he cannot hold an erection long enough to please me. Is there some type of sexual act or position that we can explore that will please us both?
Q: Two to seven days after I have sex (which is sometimes painful) with my male companion, I begin to bleed. Could this be a result of the blood thinner I take?
Q: I'm 37 and breastfeeding my 10-month-old baby. I have no sex drive and am wondering if the breastfeeding could be the cause.
Q: It was discovered through an ultrasound that I have a retroverted uterus. My doctor told me that it may cause painful sex. Now I'm worried. I'm 19, a virgin and feeling depressed that sex may always be painful for me. I have always had very painful periods. What can I do to reduce the pain involved with sex?
Q: I have been sexually inactive for about a year now, but prior to that I had no problem achieving one or more orgasms. When I went for my annual gynecological exam, my doctor said I had vaginal thinning. Are there other health concerns associated with vaginal thinning or should I not worry about it unless it affects my ability to have pleasurable sex?
Q: My periods are getting longer and heavier and are really interfering with my sex life. How can I get some relief? Can something besides a hysterectomy help me?
Q: My question regards ejaculation upon having an orgasm. I am a 46-year-old woman who in the last two years seems to expel a good amount of "fluid" when approaching and/or reaching orgasm. What is this fluid? It has no odor. Is there anything that can be done to control it?

Medications & Sex: What You Should Know


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