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Tuesday, May 19th 2009

I Survived Stage 3 Cervical Cancer

Laurie R.

My name is Laurie S. Rozgonyi. I'm a 52-year-old cervical cancer survivor. In May 2003, I had an abnormal pap smear. The doctors took a scraping and told me I had precancerous cells. They decided to do a Pap test every three months to keep an eye on the situation. I had had the last one in October 2003, and on December 8, 2003, I was taking a bath when I noticed I was bleeding. My boyfriend took me to the ER, and I was told I had dysfunctional vaginal bleeding. I called my OB/GYN and made an appointment for the next day. They did a biopsy, and on December 18, I was told I had cervical cancer, stage IIIB. I was shocked and devastated.

I couldn't get an appointment with the radiologist until January 23, 2004. When I saw him, he examined me, took X-rays and gave me an MRI scan. He found a tumor the size of a tennis ball in the vaginal wall going down into the cervix. They didn't find it sooner because they couldn't see it until it broke through the wall.

On January 26, 2004, I started radiation treatments five days a week. I ended up having a total of 28 radiation treatments, four low-dose chemotherapy and two separate radiation implant treatments. Through the whole ordeal I was so tired! I had radiation first thing in the morning and then I would go back home and sleep until lunchtime; get up, watch a little TV and go back to sleep; get up and eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed between 9 and 9:30 every night. Between the cancer (poison) and the radiation (poison), you get knocked on your butt! I was so tired I could hardly function.

My last treatment was on March 21, 2004. I am now five years cancer-free, but I have serious radiation damage to my body. I am just thankful I am alive! I try to eat healthy, but I still sometimes eat junk food, and I walk when weather permits. I see my oncologist every six months and the neurologist every six months. I take one day at a time. My advice to every female is this: get Pap smears regularly! It is so important!


Sep 17, 2016 22:Sep 10 | Stephanie Mcgee said


I had stage 3 CC (85% of my cervix was tumor) and 6 lymph nodes involved.I did the high dose internal and external radiation. Also Cisplatin. Treatments ended May 2014. For 3 months I was in the Hospital last year because of blockage in intestines from being melted by radiation. No dr would believe me and got upset when I mentioned it. Finally after a drive to another state should have taken 12 hrs but took 3 days...I landed in the right hospital and they opened me up to remove my intestine that was melted to my bladder and abdomen.
They also took out my gallbladder and appendix so no one would assume in the future that it was the problem.
So i have gone to every appt to get checked and always good results.For the past few months Ive had severe pain in cervix and lymph nodes...that was blown off as radiation damage...when my ct came back a couple of weeks ago my oncologist said forget the cervix pain you have lung cancer and its in your lymph nodes. I was send to another dr Thoratic? and scheduled surgery for biopsy with Pulmonary dr ...they got results that day...it was cervical cancer that mets to the lungs. So everything was negative and it still is causing havoc! I dont get it.
So my oncologist called me and assured me it's Cervical Cancer and that it's serious. Said we would treat with Cysplatin again...I wanted the appt that day! Dont waste time! He is like yes it's serious but you arent sick or anything so it's ok...I'm confused! I'm doing all I can at home to treat myself with fruits and veges and supplements BLA and Oxy DHQ etc..(while I wait)..I dove into this first day I heard that nasty word! I cant belive it!
They tell me to get ready cause it's going to be VERY hard! I am very self disciplined and dont drink sodas or eat anything sweet the minute I'm told on...i refuse to feed this nasty disease! I heard good things about cannibis oil curing people that are sent home with no hope and they cured themselves.....
Well wishes for you all! May we all come out a survivor to never have to fight this fight again! Time to start living!

Aug 07, 2016 15:Aug 3 | Ngan Vu said

Cervical cancel state 3

Hi all,
My mom is now having Chemoradiation treatment for cervical cancer stage 3. Her tumor size is too big for surgery. After the first chemoradiation, the doctor said the situation has not changed, the cancel is still developing. and now, after the 1 week of the second chemoradiation, he also quoted the same. My mum and our family are so devastated. My mum usually keeps her sick secretly since she is afraid of people taking care her so much which may makes her situation uncontrolable and worst. She is also now having recovery treatment for brain pain due to the effect of a kind of brain virus which was killed last two weeks.
So anyone know what is happening to my mum and what can we do now to fight against this cancer? Do she need to change the therapy? Please give me some advice. We are living in Vietnam.
Btw, we are planning to go to the US to cure the cancer in case that this treatment doesnt bring any effective signs, should we do that and should we do that right away instead of having this second chemoradiation.
Thanks a lot.
Ngan Vu

Jul 25, 2016 08:Jul 8 | Symptoms of Lung Cancer said


Thanks for the informative.This post is very aid to know about cervical cancer.

Jun 28, 2016 15:Jun 3 | Nicole Lascurain said

Laurie, do you know how chemo affects the body?

Hi Laurie,

First off, I came across your site and wanted to say thanks for providing a great cancer resource to the community.

I thought you might find this useful infographic interesting, as it shows the detailed effects of chemotherapy in an interactive format: http://www.healthline.com/health/cancer/effects-on-body

Naturally, I’d be delighted if you share this embeddable graphic on http://www.healthywomen.org/content/blog-entry/i-survived-stage-3-cervic... , and/or share it on social. Either way, keep up the great work Laurie!

All the best,

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May 06, 2016 11:May 11 | Elena said

I was diagnosed with stage

I was diagnosed with stage IIIB cervical cancer in february 2015. Actually, I don't know exactly the stage. Initially, the doctors said it was IIIB, because it spread to half of my vagina, to the uterus, perhaps to my rectum. After the 28 days of radiation and Cisplatin, and 2 internal radiation, I had surgery in June. Right before the surgery, my doctor was not certain we should go on with it, he thought it went too far. Eventually, he did cut me. After the surgery, he said it was only stage IIB, as it looked ater the treatment, and I have more chances to get well. But I'm really worried, in my country, the doctors never talk directly to the patient about the prognosis, they are very elusive. And I don't know what to think. Can anyone tell me what stage I had?
I have read all the comments, and I'm worried about the side effects of the radiation therapy. I managed it quite well during my treatment, I was tired, but I got out of bed and took my liitle girl to school, to dance classes, to acting classes, to playground. I even went to all the dance competitions with her, some of which started very early in the morning and finished at midnight. I tried to be really active, except some few days when I was feeling too sick, because my child doesn't know about my disease.
After the surgery I had a urinary bag for a month because my bladder wouldn't work. Also I had a drenage tube for 2 months. Now I still have urinary problems and I have read in the comments it wouldn't go away too soon. Sometimes I can't urinate at all, other times I wet myself. And the constant pain in my uretra... Does anyone know when it will be better?

Jul 20, 2016 00:Jul 12 | abby said

Cervical Cancer IIIB

Hi Elena,

Thank you for sharing your experience, My mother has been diagnosed with stage III B, she will be getting a PET scan next week and hope to start radio treatments asap.

You mentioned you are getting treatments from another country? Where are you from and how are you going with your treatments so far? Hope you're well .


Jul 09, 2016 01:Jul 1 | Z said


September 2012 I was diagnosed with Stage III cervical cancer. If you do not test positive for HPV then it is recommended you only have a pap every three years. Wrong! Based on that recommendation, I skipped one pap. After complaining of symptoms for a couple of months, I was diagnosed. Do NOT ever skip a pap. I never had any positive HPV tests. It means nothing. Anyway, I too had Cisplatin and external radiation as well as two inpatient brachytherapy treatments. I have permanent damage to my bowels. Bladder I have issues with, I just limit my water intake depending on where I am. I have no bladder control so if I am out and about I try not to drink too many liquids. On the other hand, if I do not drink enough liquids I have found that it hurts to urinate. My doc told me that radiation shrinks everything and causes atrophy so the more hydrated the easier it is to urinate. I have extreme food sensitivity. Garlic, onions, dairy and gluten are irritants. I still choose to eat them when I am prepared for extreme stomach pain. It sounds bad but really, the more you educate yourself and mentally prepare for issues the better. I ate pizza tonight and didn't realize there was a lot of garlic on it.... ouch.

May 04, 2016 06:May 6 | daniel said


Thanks for the informative post.really helpful.

Jan 01, 2016 22:Jan 10 | June N said

Stage 4b cervical cancer, stage 2 lung cancer, Stage 4 breast ca

Feb 1987 when 2 months post partum & 36 yrs I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer, had a modified mastectomy with 25 negative nodes
Feb 1988 at 37 diagnosed as stage 4 with liver metastasis, confirmed by liver biopsy using CT scan guidance. The first liver biopsy done during laparoscopy showed nothing abnormal but liver scan showed 10 small liver lesions so a second biopsy was done.
Feb 1988-June 1988 had 5 cycles of FAC.
July 1988 entered a clinical trial. My bone marrow was cancer free on biopsy so had a bone marrow harvest, followed by Days 1 & 2, high dose Cytoxin , Day 3, 1 treatment (800 rads) , total body irradiation. The evening of Day 3, I received my bone marrow back (autologous bone marrow transplant).
I am a RN & after 15 months, returned to work in NICU where I worked & retired from in Dec 2013. My oncologist has followed me closely since Feb 1988 using liver MRI scans, bone scans, chest x rays & blood work to track my disease.
New liver lesion on scan in June 1992 & was put on Tamoxifen from June 1992-March 2008 and was then changed to Arimidex & presently still on this. Latest liver MRI & blood work shows no new liver lesions or changes.

In Jan. 1992- June 1992 had breast reconstruction using tissue expander & breast implant.

In 2009 I decided to have genetic testing done & was found to have an abnormality on the BRCA2 gene. In June 2009 I had my ovaries removed based on genetic testing results & family history of cancer. I was 65 in June 2015.

Gyne DR in in 1990’s-2009 followed me with yearly pelvic ultrasound for long term Tamoxifen use. Had a D&C in 2003 which was fine. New gyne from 2010 & 2011 did not feel we needed pelvic ultrasound nor did the gyne Dr I saw in 2012-2014…she also felt I should be on the 5 yr plan for pap smears/HPV as I had never had an abnormal pap or + HPV so last one was in 2012.

Oct11-13,2015 I was adm to the hospital through ER, diagnosis acute colitis with GI bleeding, dehydration etc...during the hospital stay they did an abd CT scan & then a pelvic ultra sound...confirmed the colitis but also saw a mass on my uterus.
So I followed up with my primary care Dr on Oct 21,2015. Saw my oncologist I have been with since 1988 for my regular 6 month check up on 10/26....my liver MRI & labs were good...so was my visit with my primary care Dr.
On Oct 28,2015 I saw the GI Dr & will see her again in 3 months. I also saw gyne/ oncology on 10/28 for the uterine mass. She scheduled me for a D&C on Nov 3,2015...on Nov 4,2015 she called me with results showing I have cervical cancer. So next she sent me for a PET Scan on Nov 6,2015 to determine the extent. She called me on 11/9 and overall the scan was ok except there is a hazy area on my lower lobe /left lung that they needed to find out about before I could start treatment. So she referred me to a thoracic surgeon & saw him Nov 10,2015...he felt I should see a pulmonologist to have a brochoscopy & biopsy of the left lung, lower lobe. I had an appt to see him Nov 12, 2015 but couldn't make the appt because I was in ER the evening of Nov 11,2015....admitted again to for dehydration & diarrhea...this time due to an infection C-Diff, most likely due to the antibiotics I was on in Oct 2015 for 2 weeks after the colitis (Flagyl & Cipro). So was in the hospital Nov 11-14,2015.
So once home I rescheduled the appt with the pulmonologist for 11/17...saw him, had the bronchoscopy on 11/19. Went back to see him on 11/24 for results...they couldn't pinpoint this area in the lung, sent random tissue samples & all came back ok. However he consulted with the thoracic Dr & the tumor board & they felt I needed a second lung biopsy using CT scan guidance.
Wed 11/25 I saw gyne oncologist nurse practitioner for my D&C post op check.
We talked about all my concerns. She worked on getting this next procedure scheduled for ASAP but wasn't able to get that done on Wed & of course the radiolgy specialty dept was closed for the long Thanksgiving weekend....so on Mon Nov 30,2015 she called to say I was scheduled for Wed Dec 2,2015 for the lung biopsy & to also have my port put in the same day. Dec 4,2015 I saw the Dr. & was told the results weren’t great but they could be worse. I have 2 cancers, both Stage 1, cervical & lung...better than Stage 4 cervical. after seeing her I had an appt with the radiation oncologist. So the cervical treatment will be chemo 1x/wk & radiation 5x/week for 6-8 weeks at the same time.
The lung could be treated 2 ways...radiation or surgery. So Dec 7,2015 the tumor board recommended that the lung cancer be treated 1st, surgically & when recovered from that in 2-4 weeks I could begin the chemo/radiation for the cervical cancer. I saw the lung surgeon Dec 8,2015 & was scheduled for surgery on Dec 11,2015, a left lower lung lobectomy with node dissection. I had the surgery and came home Dec 15,2015, the day after my chest tube was removed. Dec 17, 2015 I was given my pathology results…the lung biopsy is lung cancer & 1 node was found to be positive…there was also cervical cancer cells found in the lung biopsy so that changed the entire picture.
So now I am lung cancer Stage 2 and cervical cancer Stage 4b. I am starting 6-8 weeks of daily radiation on Jan 4,2015 along with a weekly dose of Cisplatin to improve the effects of the radiation. The medical oncologist is recommending 4 doses of a higher dose of Cisplatin & Pemetrexed given 21 days apart. Gyne oncologist & medical oncologist still deciding if his protocol can be given while I am receiving the cervical cancer protocol or if I would receive it when gyne protocol is finished. I also had a brain MRI Dec 18,2015 & Cspine MRI Dec 21,2015…both MRI studies are normal. I am not sure where this will take me but I am willing to fight again for more time. Any survivors of cervical cancer 4b out there?

Dec 24, 2015 05:Dec 5 | EllenBrown said

HPV high risk strain that cause cervical cancer

I was diagnosed with cervical HPV last year – after more than 5 years of normal Pap tests.
My gynecologist, started using the HPV test with the Pap in 2010. When I went in for my visit – like I do every year – he explained that he would be giving me both tests. I didn’t think much about it at the time, other than why would I have HPV since I’ve been married for so long?! When the results came back, I had tested positive for HPV and my Pap was abnormal.
Dr. explained that HPV can stay "dormant" in your body for a long time without causing any problems, and that the results weren’t necessarily anything to be concerned about. He also asked me to come back several months later for another round of tests.
The results of my second Pap and HPV test were the same – HPV positive with abnormal Pap. Since my results didn’t change – meaning I had a persistent high-risk type of HPV in my body – my doctor did a colposcopy, which found abnormal cells that had to be biopsied.
When Dr called with the results of the biopsy, he told me I had cervical HPV which leads to cervical cancer I was shocked and extremely upset! I really thought it was the end of the world. But, it was caught very early thanks to the HPV test. I started treatment with Cervugid Ovules recommended my obgyn, This treatment is with 3 boxes of Cervugid Ovules first time and another 3 boxes after 6 months. After I followed all the treatment I returned to the doctor to replenish medical test. It was the best day of my life then the result came back negative for HPV and the PAP test came back to normal.
I am so grateful to Dr for adopting the HPV test into his practice. Without it, I’m not sure if I’d be here today. But I am – and I hope that by sharing my story all women over 30 will go to their annual gynecologist visit and ask their doctors for the HPV test, because knowing your cervical cancer risk could save your life.

Dec 09, 2015 18:Dec 6 | wendy said

I was told I have stage 3b

I was told I have stage 3b also and the doctor said after a cat scan that hes giving me a year , he thought it was in my kidneys , its not , he thought it was in my lungs its not. now without any other tests hes saying its in my liver and stomach so hes giving me a year, any advise is welcome

Jan 01, 2016 22:Jan 10 | June N said

Wendy, regarding diagnosis

Go to another DR...a gyne/oncologist & medical oncologist

Nov 23, 2015 18:Nov 6 | sue said

my stage 1 cervical cancer

i had my first pap smear since 13 yrs ago, i got the call that i still have hpv and atypical glandular cells that are very rare? i need a biopsy and ecc and tests i know nothing about. i have had pid twice, hpv for atleast 13yrs, non stop uti for yrs, and pain while i urinate, i also have the most painful periods of my life (i'm 43). i'm really scared. i watched my mom die of lung cancer 15 yrs ago and my dad from throat cancer 5 yrs ago. i don't think i am strong enough to go through treatment.

Jul 20, 2016 00:Jul 12 | Bella said

I hope you are well

Susan I hope everything worked out for you and you are healed. Your message really hit my heart. I send prayers your way and hope you made it thru......

Nov 14, 2015 03:Nov 3 | dina said

stage 3 cervical cancer

My friend was diagnosed to have cervical cancer stage 3 last june, and she only begun her check ups and hospital appointments last september, I was shocked to hear that she already died yesterday. I've learned that her doctor told her to wait for referral which would mean waiting for three months. It was devastating for all of her friends and her family she's still young at 31 and a single parent to her 5 year old son. It's the reason why I searched about cervical cancer and landed to this page. You're so blessed that you've survived it. How I wish my friend had too but i guess God has purpose...

Nov 05, 2015 22:Nov 10 | Dee said

Book by cancer of cervix x3 long term survivo

Hi my heart goes out to all of you as we travel this path together. I had cancer of cervix 1986, radical hysterectomy... 1988 metastases in lymph, radical radiotherapy and chemo - lot of damage ... was told not much hope I would survive ... 1990 metastases in right lung, was told to prepare to die... Still here.

Have just published my book on inner resources we can utilise to help us heal and deal with the aftermath to live quality lives for as long as we are alive...

‘Lifestyle Beyond Cancer, Beyond Miracles’ by Dee Page. ISBN 97809942491-2-8. It is not yet online but will be soon. If you would like a copy, let me know so I can make a list and send info when and where its available. Has been sent to and sold to people in America, UK, France, Singapore, Switzerland and Australia. Hope it will help others in their efforts to help themselves.

Love in light, Dee

Apr 25, 2016 04:Apr 4 | Josephine Norman said

Dee's book

I would like to buy 'Lifestyle beyond cancer, beyond miracles' for a friend of mine who has leukaemia. Can you please advise how I can do so?

Mar 17, 2016 15:Mar 3 | omar said

Cervical cancer

i would love to read your book as my wife is suffering from this terrible illness.

Feb 27, 2016 16:Feb 4 | LaJana Yalowsky said

I am unable to find your book!

I was diagnosed with stage three cervical cancer 11/11/15. I had a complete hysterectomy 11/4/15... after some bleeding and cramping... my GY decided that the surgery was indicated. Only after the surgery was the cancer found... I had 2 normal pap tests 14 months and 2 months prior! It was in the cervix, uterus, both fallopian tubes and both ovaries. The pet scan also showed one lymph node that was affected. I had 28 radiation treatments, 4 chemo treatments and 2 Breaky therapy treatments. I finished treatment 2/4/16. I am praying and believing that I am cancer free. I would love to read your book... can you let me know where to purchase it in the US?


Jun 05, 2016 18:Jun 6 | vera said

I just got diagnosed with

I just got diagnosed with cervical cancer last Friday, June 3. I am going to a doctor on Tuesday for further exams. I don't know what stage I am. When my obgyn called me last Friday to tell me the result, I was on a bus after work to go home . I have 2 children at young age, 3 and 7. I am so scared. I pray for you to be cancer free after all these treatments and I hope I can be there too. I will take whatever it needs to stay alive for my family.

Jun 12, 2016 06:Jun 6 | Tammie said

Cervical Cancer

Vera, I am so sorry to hear. I received a phone call June 1 and she hated to tell me over the phone but she wanted to get me into an Oncologist office right away and asked when am I available. She called me right back with an appointment the next morning. My whole world turned upside down that night, wondering how far it has spread, how much time...etc. I went to the Oncologist and so far they classed it at stage 1, she examined me and said yes I see the tumor on your cervix and Biopsy results showed cancer inside the uterus too. She told me right there that she wanted to do surgery on Monday June 6. This scared me because everything was moving fast. I had CAT scans done that day June 2 and so far they looked good but some lymph nodes looked upset. Surgery went ok, but she had to take out several lymph nodes and send them off for testing. Now I get to wait 2 weeks. Please don't wait and get everything taken care of soon. I am sadden that someone I just met the other day, has no health insurance, and she cant get test done without coming up with the money first!!!! I am on Facebook...come look me up! [email protected]

Oct 12, 2015 22:Oct 10 | linda richardson said

my daughters cancer

I'm just writing in to vent my frustrations. My daughter was finally diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer after being told for over a year that all she had was fibroids. They started very strong radiation everyday for 2 months and chemo twice a month. afterwards they did 5 treatments of radiation inside. They did a pet scan and said the cancer was gone. that was kind of strange to me because I've had uterine cancer and breast cancer and it never was that easy. especially since her tumor was cutting into her ureters and one of her kidneys had stopped working. but we were happy to hear the good news so we went on with life. she went back to work. About two months later she started to have very bad pain and when she went to the bathroom her urine and her feces came out of her vagina. they said the radiation was burning away her bladder and her colon. They tried to stop it by putting her in a hypobaric chamber every day but it didn't work. they took her to surgery and had to give her a colostomy bag and a bag for urine. these both come out of her stomach because she no longer had a colon or bladder. while they were doing the surgery they found that after all she has gone through she still had a tumor the size of a softball. now the tumor has grown into the muscle and the bone. She's always in pain and she has gone from weighing 262lbs to 106. we're still going with chemo. they are using a much stronger dose but I'm not sure how long they can keep putting her through this. I just tell people, no matter what a dr. says, if you know something is wrong don't let them tell you different. I pray for all of you as well as my daughter. Thanks for giving me a place were I could get this off my chest.

Feb 20, 2016 12:Feb 12 | Deborah Reid said

cervical cancer stage 3b

I am a survivor of Cervical Cancer, Stage 3b. I was diagnosed in 2009 after a 2 years of doctors trying to determine what was wrong with me. After being referred to a gynecologist, I was given the bad news. After 6 weeks of waiting for my radiation appt., my whirlwind ride began. I had 28 external radiation treatments and 5 internal. Chemotherapy was supposed to be part of the plan but after only 1 treatment it had to be discontinued due to it affecting my kidney. After my set of treatments, I did start to feel better, my sleep and appetite improved.However, that was shortlived. I went to the bathroom one day and noticed that feces was coming out of my vagina. I reported this to the specialist and he stated it was the result of radiation damage. A colostomy was required, in the meantime I was incontinent of urine, so a nephrostomy tube in the kidney was inserted. So now I had no control over bowel or bladder and would have to live with it. I was given over a 50% chance of survival. I went about my life as best as I could, but was forced to take early retirement from my career as a Pyschiatric Registered Nurse. Major adjustments had to be made. It wasn't much later that I developed a pain in my right side of my back, passed it off and it did eventually subside. I forgot to add that I had 2 nephrostomy tubes one in each kidney, I assumed it was the instigator of the pain, so I had them removed and 2 stents placed in my ureters. The pain returned with a vengeance only after 2 weeks after the surgery. I had discharge coming out of the holes in my back where the tubes were and I noticed that an old scar on my body had opened up and the same discharge was coming out of there as well. It was swabbed and I was told that it looked like it had healed itself up. I got weaker, as the weeks went on. Then finally on Christmas night 2010, my family found me in a semi-unconscious state, incoherent and in a sleep like trance. I was immediately brought to hospital only to be misdiagnosed. My family was told that I was full of cancer, and nothing could be done. It wasn't until a nurse was changing my johnny coat that she discovered a blackened area on my back. Xrays were done, and my kidney was double the size it should be. A surgeon operated and removed a badly abcessed kidney that went undetected until it perforated. I was then diagnosed with urinary sepsis, given a 5% chance of survival. Taken to ICU and placed on a ventilator. I spent 4 months in hospital and on discharge my prognosis was poor. I now was diagnosed with Endstage Renal Failure. I had 10% function of the lone kidney. That was 5 years ago. I now live independantly. I am highly functional considering I have a colostomy bad and a urine leg bag. My mobility is a bigger issue, as I have now developed neuropathy in my legs, possibly radiation damage, or because of kidney failure. My kidney function is 16% and I have never had dialysis. It's just a matter of now waiting to see what my next obstacle will be. But I remain optimistic, I always have. I don't feel sorry for myself, I just keep getting stronger. And with the assistance of my friends and family I will overcome. My philosophy is, there is always someone out there that is worse off so never feel sorry for yourself, feel empathy for those who are losing the fight.

Jul 05, 2015 23:Jul 11 | Lynette said

cervical cancer question

Hello. A good friend of mine was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 3 last wk. Apparently some spreading into the lymph nodes. She starts chemo this tues and needs radiation, every day for 6 wks, What is the best advice I can give her and what do you honestly think about the prognosis?

Aug 12, 2015 15:Aug 3 | Tracie Alam said

I'm a 5 year IIB-2 cervical cancer survivor

Lynette, plz add me on facebook so we can chat more. I don't typically use this site but wanted to reply. I was diagnosed with stage 2b2 cervical cancer in July 2009. I had the same treatment that your friend is about to have and it cured me in just a few months. I did have a few more weeks of treatment than her though.. I would tell her to discuss prolonging the treatment to the maximum lifetime dose of radiation. My docs started with the 6 week estimate too and then were going back and forth about another couple weeks. I told them to please give me all they've got, don't put me through that hell for nothing. Make sure every last little cancer cell is killed. They also did an experimental pelvic sidewall boost and they said it was a new approach. My cancer was aggressive, deeply invading cervical stroma, poorly differentiated, spread into pelvic, iliac, and paraaortic lymph nodes. It's honestly unbelievable to me that without major surgery, chemo and radiation cured me in just a couple months. My doctor quoted survival of 80% for me. He said it will either work, or it won't. Either we respond well to treatment, or we don't. There are some lower survival rates around the internet and even disagreement amongst doctors, but I am going with the 80%. I have survived 5 years now and I am doing ok. I do battle with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia which I developed after my cancer battle. I stupidly thought I was going to keep up with my normal life when I had cancer. After the first chemo and a couple radiation sessions, it sunk in. I didn't admit how bad I felt to anyone because I didn't want them to worry. I really needed help, I was not married and lived alone. I got very weak and fatigued like I cannot even describe. Imagine that your arms and legs have cinder blocks tied to them and that is the best way I can describe how heavy my body felt. The fatigue was crazy, it made me hallucinate at times. It's impossible to describe because it doesn't even compare to anything I've ever experienced. Your friend would probably greatly appreciate having help with everything, I mean everything. She might be shy to ask, but trust me she needs that help. The radiation will probably cause GI problems and constant diarrhea, Immodium will help tremendously. There are a lot of things that radiation can do to your body. Honestly chemo never phased me, not compared to the cumulative effect of radiation. They have so many nausea meds that chemo was ok. It took me about 6 months to get over the biggest side effects of the radiation. I am left with some lingering problems like lower back pain, infertility, urinary cystitis, radiation proctitis.. but they're not so severe anymore that they really interfere with my life. It's a small price to pay to be cured of cancer. They're still getting better every year. Please stay positive. There are some books that helped me. I loved Kris Carr "Crazy Sexy Cancer" and "The Secret". They both helped me soooo much. Another thing- the chemo for cervical cancer is usually Cisplatin and it doesn't usually cause hair loss. I got some upsetting comments on that, so try to help her avoid those or prepare her for them, if you can.. anyways, hope to talk to you soon. Tracie

Sep 25, 2015 23:Sep 11 | Laura said


I'm 1 year out from treatment for 3B adenocarcinoma. Your story is very similar to mine. I was just trying to connect with person who has endured the same as me, what is your check up schedule? Or what was it for your first few years? I currently see my radiation onc on a 6 month basis, but he just does a pelvic exam and says scans are not needed unless he detects a reoccurence. I don't really want to go through scans because I think that will drive me insane to wait for the results. Also, did you do any thing as far as diet supplementation? I did and I think that is what got me through the treatment. I hope to hear from you.

Jun 27, 2015 01:Jun 1 | Annette henderson said

My best friend

Hi everyone, I came on here to research more into my friends chances and have been so sad to read all the devastating stories

May 03, 2015 16:May 4 | stephanie young said

cervical cancer

Good evening all
This is my first post on a website other than Facebook. I have my 1st appointment with a gyn oncologist on Tuesday 5/5. I have had a colpscopy, and conization in the last 2 months. I was told they found cancer past the line of cervix and that i need to see a gyn oncologist. im freaking out, i have not been told what stage. does any one know what i should expect, or know what stage i might be close too??

Jun 10, 2015 11:Jun 11 | My name is Joyce Rodrigues said

I am a 6 years cervical cancer survivial.

I did surgery and radiation. Always on a yearly checkup. Today i did a pap smear and it bleed during doing the test. I don`t know is the cause for that! Waiting for the result will be taking years for me, when it will be back in three weeks.Just praying every thing will be ok!!!

May 02, 2015 00:May 12 | elle said

I'm wondering what you all

I'm wondering what you all think of the new testing recommendations for pap smears: only every 5 years if you have had a negative pap and neg hpv. I have had normal pap smears for years. About 15 years ago I had one with some cell changes(ascus) and I had a repeat 6 month which was normal.

I've had very few sex partners but my last bf who I had unprotected sex with for 4 years told me he had hpv with a wart which cleared his system before he met me. He went crazy and started having random unprotected sex partners after we broke up and I'm not sure if he was cheating on me.

I had my doctor test me for all stds- hpv & everything else was negative. I still wanted an annual pap smear the last time I saw him and he said I'm a hypochondriac.

What do you think am I still at risk for this? I don't know how reliable the hpv tests are and I know viruses can lay dormant for years and maybe it' a false negative. I had a uterine polyp removed and I had two ovarian cysts, one which ruptured prior to all of this and prior to some major health issues: type 1 diabetes. I now have vestibular vulvadinia which started with a uti after oral sex with my xbf when the diabetes symptoms were coming out too.

Do you think it's still safer to do a yearly pap test? I went to another gyn recently and he still thinks it should be done yearly so I plan to have another one in December.

Reading all of your comments and watching some vlogs about women's experiences with cervical cancer I can see how un black and white this all is. I saw several younger woman who had a normal pap and a year later were diagnosed with invasive cancer to lymph nodes. One had had hpv, not the supposedly dangerous strains, and 2 hadn't ever been positive for it. I just wonder how much they really know about what goes on with the development of cervical cancer.

I have done one self exam and it was so hard to do for me with vulvadynia. My cervix looked healthy to me. I'm in full menopause now, the last time I had any bleeding was when I was just going into meno fully and I think I had a miscarriage. I was trying for a pregnancy at the time. I had some spotting, like a light period. I noticed from the colposcopy tests that there is a lot that can't be seen on a normal exam and many women's cancer is more advanced than they thought it was.

Apr 27, 2015 10:Apr 10 | Sabariraj A said

My Mother

My mother was diagnosed in feb 2015 with cervical cancer stage 3b, We started the 24 radiation treatments and a 3 chemo treatment and waiting for to more 2 chemo.

Do you have any advice for her? I feel like she's so scared,lying down too much, not active, and she barely eats. It's been 6 wks and she's already lost over 5% of she body weight.

May 13, 2015 15:May 3 | said

Hi, I'm so sorry about your

Hi, I'm so sorry about your mom. I finished my treatment for stage 3 cervical cancer just recently. I went through much of what you are describing about your mom.
Assuming her doctors are keeping a close eye on her, I would say that what you are observing falls within the norm. The combined chemo/radiation treatment is difficult to get through..... psychological and physically.

From my own personal experience I can only share what helped me. There are days she will be unable to do anything but sleep. Focus on taking care of her physical needs such as bringing her drinks and food. If you can encourage her to get up to eat, great. If not, allow her to rest but make sure she always has something to drink available. Everyone is different, but what helped me was home made chicken soup. Encourage her to just eat a few spoons of it if she can't manage more several times a day. Every bite helps. Place a bit of butter in the soup. She actually needs the fat.
Try to take on the responsibilities she used to carry out without asking her what needs to be done. Try different foods and prepare it for her. Find things that make her smile. A note, an email, really anything you can think of that would make her smile. Don't expect anything in return. She is too weak.
If at all possible, encourage her to walk .... even if it's just once around the house. Do not pressure your mom too much, but try to get her to go outside for a bit. Make sure somebody is with her. Do not ask her to do these things on her own and alone. She needs all the support she can get.

Your mom will get through this. she will need lots of time to heal. Keep a kind and positive atmosphere around her. Know that this weakness is from the treatment and you can only encourage her to move around as much as she can find the strength for.
It will get better and she will recover and beat this. In the meantime she needs to be taken care of any way you can think of.
I'm not sure if that helped but I hope so.

Mar 14, 2015 15:Mar 3 | Victoria said

Recently Started the Battle

I am a 33 mother of a 4-month old that recently learened that I have stage 3a cervical cancer. It's so scary! I started my first week of chemotherapy and radiation this past Monday. I go to chemo every Monday and then have radiation for five days each week for the next 6 weeks. After I am done with that, i will have the low dose bracytherapy done, which will entail a 3-5 day stay at the hospital where I am bedridden. I am not necessarily looking forward to all of this, but i know that my little man needs his mama for many years to come! I keep hearing that age is on my side, but does anyone know what the chances are that the cancer could come back or spread further after I get done with all these treatments? That's what scares me the most currently...

Jun 09, 2015 20:Jun 8 | LindaB said

I am a 16 year survivor! Have hope that you will be fine!!!

Your story resonated with me because I, too, was diagnosed with cervical cancer when I was 32 yrs. old and my new son was 4 months old. This was back in 1999, and I have been healthy ever since the treatments ended. The only side effect I notice is bladder/urinary urgency. How are you doing? Have you finished your treatments?

Feb 23, 2015 09:Feb 9 | Jess said

Cervical cancer?

I am 23 will be 24 this year. I have a 4 month old. I always stay current on my paps getting them every 2years, starting in 2012 I started yearly. I recently had a pap for 2015, followed by a colposcopy and biopsy. My gyno said it looks like the first stage of cervical cancer but we won't know until biopsy results come back. Based off what I've googled I'm a nervous wreck. I had no idea cervical cancer was this serious and fatal. I received all rounds of the hpv/ gardacil shots in high school. I guess I shouldn't stress out seeing how nothing has been confirmed. Just wondering if anyone knows some one who has passed withing the first 5 years having stage one. This is very difficult. I can't imagine not watching my son grow up. I guess my story in comparison to all that I've read is on the lower spectrum. My condolences to all that have lost someone they love.

Apr 15, 2015 08:Apr 8 | Tsholofelo said

I am also 23 going on 24 i

I am also 23 going on 24 i just found out also that i might have Cervical cancer, i dont know what to think i am nervous, i tool test and i am still waiting and the waiting is killing me. But i know i am stronger so whatever the outcome i will fight to live.

Oct 20, 2014 15:Oct 3 | Mariette said

Stage 111b

I am in South Africa diagnosed in August 2014 with cervical cancer 111b. I only get chemotherapy at the moment. How long does it take to get cured?

Oct 14, 2014 17:Oct 5 | Anneme Nel said

Hi. My sister aged 35 was

Hi. My sister aged 35 was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer. Does anyone know if siblings have a greater risk of getting the same Cancer? I go for my pap smeers regularly but it's my understanding that they do not do the HPV test when doing a pap smeer. Should I insist on having the HPV test done? Any advice would be helpful please.

Mar 22, 2015 14:Mar 2 | Sue said

Cancer talk

How did you make out with your cancer diagnosis? If I read this any earlier , I definitely would have told you to tell your Dr to do a HPV test because it's not something they do normally. ((I feel that every woman or teenager needs this test with their pap because 95% of woman already have it.) Men are the carriers of the HPV ...... Please let me know. I was diagnosed in 2010 with cervical cancer and had a radical hysterectomy done. Was in remission for 5 years. Well its back again. Bladder cancer is what they said. So I had a transvaginal mesh put in.... not great news. They are all being recalled and having a class action lawsuits against the makers. I don't care about that. I HAVE CANCER, IT DOESN'T HAVE ME!!!!!

Nov 07, 2014 23:Nov 11 | said

Yes you have to ask for the

Yes you have to ask for the HPV test separately....

Sep 10, 2014 13:Sep 1 | Diana said

Waiting to find out

Last year I had my first ever HPV test along with my pap smear. It was never offered to me before. I had been getting pap smears since I was in my early twenties. I am now 55. The pap smears were always normal. Last year my doctor told me to wait one year and have the HPV test again. This year again it came back positive for low risk HPV. I have a colposcopy, scheduled for next week. Needless to say I am scared to death. Everything I read says if the cells are precancerous they can be removed. I am trying to be positive. Like everyone else I was shocked that I had HPV and tried to figure out how I got it. I had a few long term relationships in my life and have been with my current partner for two years. Prior to that I was married for 7 years. I know it can be in your body for many years before making itself know. The woman who posted are all very brave and thank you for sharing your stories. It helps to know others have gone through this and survived. Thank you for letting me talk.

Jan 08, 2015 10:Jan 10 | Monique said

Diana Hopefully you have had


Hopefully you have had your colposcopy by now and have had your 6 week follow-up and are not stressing yourself into a complete nutter! YES it is very scary, even more so when you read that dreadful word PRE-CANCEROUS. Please don't try and get your head around how you got HPV, it's not worth it and almost 2 out of every 3 woman that's sexually active will have it at some point, most not ever knowing. I am on my 3rd year of abnormal cells (CIN3) and have been pretty stressed to the point where I have decided to go back to University and study to become a nurse. There is a 100% success rate of "curing" pre-cancerous cells. And 98% of woman don't have the need for more than 1 (sometimes 2 ) LETTZ procedures. I think the biggest battle for me was thinking about the shame (HPV.....me???) when I should have read every success story and every survival post and instead of googling the wrong things, speaking to the right people, asking questions to inform myself by people with experience. So talk more, share more and read more, KNOWLEDGE is power and stress free.

Aug 10, 2014 14:Aug 2 | Belinda M said

Cerivical Cancer

My sister was diagnosed in September 2011 with cervical cancer, We started the 28 radiation treatments and a few chemo treatment lasted until end of the next summer 2012. We thought that we were cancer free for a few months in December that year we found out that the cancer was back, and moved to a few lymph nodes in the groin area. March 2013 we opted to do a full Exoneration surgery (this surgery removes every thing in the pelvic area, I mean everything, cervix, uterus, lower colon, bladder and even the vagina canal. It took her six months to recoup from that surgery but she just did not quite recoup, we found out September 2013 it spread to the lung. We did more chemo for the next 8 months. Now we are almost a year later and she is in so much pain and is in the process of dying. I do not know what to expect from this point no one knows exactly how much time she has...they say 2 weeks to three months...three months is a long time to suffer in pain. We have graduation for her daughter this coming weekend and they say that she will pull through to get to that event. Ugh, I hate cancer, I hate that is taking my only sister away and she is only 53. The sad thing is I really thought may of this year that we had beat this disease!

Oct 02, 2013 15:Oct 3 | Tamar said

Stage 3B

I have a friend that was diagnosed with cervix cancer stage 3B in May, after radiation and braquitherapy it spread to her lymph so now she's back on radiotherapy.

She lives in another country so, I contact her over the phone and email, I could use some help on how to help and encourage her. I dont even know what to say anymore and it's killing me not be able to help her.
I lost my mom to colon cancer 13 years ago, and it's all coming back to me now...

Please, any suggestions on things I can do for her, besides pray?
My email, is [email protected]

I really appreciate it!

Jan 16, 2013 08:Jan 8 | Christi Hargis–steenmeyer said

stage IIIb cervical cancer

I am a 29 yr old mother of one sweet boy.I was diagnosed with stage IIIb cervical cancer with spread to 3 lymphnodes the day before thanksgiving.My tumor,being 7mmx10mmx8mm is too large for operation. So they put put me on radiation and chemotherapy. Being so young they decided to be super aggressive. Problem is its made me so sick and knocked my blood counts so low ive had to hold chemo and radiation for last couple weeks.I am trying to be positive but am so very scared. I have so little support and my whole life seems on hold. Praying so hard for treatments to work without too many side effects. This all seems so unreal sometimes. God Bless anyone else who is going through this themselves or with a family member. It is so very hard but God will see you through no matter the outcome. Stay strong:) I can be found on facebook if anyone needs someone to talk to. No one should face it alone.

Feb 11, 2015 22:Feb 10 | Bonnie said


just wondering if you are still fighting the cervical cancer?

Mar 04, 2014 03:Mar 3 | kariem muhammad said


hello how are you how did your treatment go my mother is suffering from the same thing

Feb 02, 2014 11:Feb 11 | natalie said


I to was 29 and a mother when I found out I had stage 111b cancer . It's so weird being young is bad when it comes to treatment .

May 20, 2014 11:May 11 | Marilyn said

My twin sister diagnosed stage 3b

Hi my twin sister diagnosed on jan 2014 stage 3b cervical cancer,she completed her treatments with low dose of chemo ,radiations after 5 months oncologist assesed her that tumor shrunk from 8cm to 5cm and now 3cm.The dr has advised her to undergo a high dose of chemo for every 3 weeks at 6 cycles..it is a long long way to go...til Christmas this yr 2014..and we as family keep praying hard and we are fighting for it...God is always with us.

Sep 02, 2012 06:Sep 6 | Lisa Hood said

Tea Time!!

Laurie R. -

Wow,...I have the same story and I am almost five years into it. However, all this time I have been fighting the radiation and chemo damage and keeping my spirits up Thanks to my son and wonderful support team.

I'm 39 with a sixteen year old son and ...my life is hard because of All the pain and other problems ...but, I'm happy that I have the time I have.

If you don't mind, would you give us an update? I'm happy to provide information with anyone who needs it. I have plenty of experience.

Tiffany -

Did you and your sister find the help you needed?

(Stage 3/B Diagnosed Sept. 2009)

Bless All, =)

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