Do You See Red Like I See Red?

Color is an inherent part of visual experience, so it's disconcerting to think the way two people perceive the world might be totally different.

What You Need to Know About Glaucoma: Q&A With Dr. Marlene R. Moster

What you can't see — the invisible disease that can leave you blind

What You Don't Know About Your Eyes Could Hurt You

Too often we ignore symptoms that indicate vision problems—and sometimes there are no symptoms. That's why it's important to know about your eyes and to regularly visit an eye doctor.

Hold On to Summer With These Health Habits

Some of us are tempted to stash the sunscreen and sunglasses at the end of summer, but it's healthier to apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses year-round.

Preventing Glaucoma

Certain ethnic groups, the elderly and people who have family members with glaucoma are at a higher risk than others for the eye disease.

What to Expect When Your Eyes Start Changing

As we age, our eyes, along with many other body parts, change. Here are some common vision problems that may occur as you age.

Here's How to Slow Down Time

Health writer Sheryl Kraft tells how a medical emergency—having a detached retina—forces her to slow down and reconnect with the people and natural world around her.

Tales From a Retinal Detachment

HealthyWomen writer Sheryl Kraft recently experienced a health crisis of her own. She tells a cautionary tale of dealing with a detached retina.

Don't Turn a Blind Eye to Vision Problems

Your eyes are subject to a wide variety of health conditions, from minor annoyances to serious chronic diseases and even cancer.

Bookworms More Prone to Be Nearsighted

Research found that the more years someone spent in education, the greater the risk of developing nearsightedness (myopia).

The Vulnerabilities of Aging

Columnist Frank Bruni's article about sudden partial vision loss helps us come to grips with some of the formidable truths and vulnerabilities of aging.

Could a Hot Cup of Tea Preserve Your Vision?

A spot of hot tea in the afternoon might help you save your sight, new research suggests.

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