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Mature woman contemplating at home, looking out the window

Who’s Most at Risk for Colorectal Cancer?

African Americans and Ashkenazi Jews face a higher risk of colorectal cancer. A growing number of young women might also be at risk.

Mature woman contemplating at home, looking out the window

¿Quién tiene mayor riesgo de cáncer colorrectal?

Los afroamericanos y los judíos asquenazí tienen un mayor riesgo de cáncer colorrectal. Una cantidad cada vez más grande de mujeres también podría tener riesgo.

Two women one young, one older, showing generations of women.

Wellness Visits by Decade

What to expect at your annual checkups in every stage of life

Worried young afro american woman patient touching chest, explaining symptoms and complaining about heartache to female doctor in blue uniform while visiting clinic office

Biopsies Confirm a Breast Cancer Diagnosis After an Abnormal Mammogram – but Structural Racism May Lead to Lengthy Delays

Black patients are more likely than other racial and ethnic groups to have a biopsy delay of 90 days or more after an abnormal mammogram

Black stethoscope on LGBT flag background

What’s Sexual Orientation Got to Do With It? LGBTQ People Face Discrimination in Healthcare

It's unbelievable that LGBTQ discrimination in healthcare is still a thing

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The Next Attack on the Affordable Care Act May Cost You Free Preventive Health Care

A provision of the Affordable Care Act makes it easier for patients to receive preventive care

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What You Need to Know About Obesity

If you or a loved one has obesity, here are some facts to help you understand this common disease

obese mom watching over her Big happy Latino, Mexican-American family

Environmental and Societal Factors, Not Just Diet and Exercise, Contribute to Obesity

Healthcare providers need to look at more than what's on the plate to understand obesity

obese woman standing and looking at her stomach in a mirror

The Hidden Causes of Obesity

Experiencing mental health challenges and chronic stress can lead to significant weight gain. Stopping the cycle of obesity might start with a therapist.

Body positive obese woman running in nature park

Eliminating the Obesity Bias in Healthcare

Caring properly for people with obesity starts with not judging them