Guest blogger: Diane Carlton

I never thought I'd have to add "pee" on my never-ending list of things to do.

Living by the adage that if you fail to plan you plan to fail, my life has become a series of notes, to-do lists and time-saving applications that would bring out the envy in any type A personality.

Then why am I sitting on this bouncy commuter bus posting a blog about the need to urinate? Because...there's no reminder app for that.

On my first official commute to New York, I will admit I marveled at my well-packed bag and much-prepared-for workweek—the likes of which were strategized and organized most of this past sunny Sunday, a stay-at-home mom's equivalent of D-Day operations.

Carpool arrangements? Check. Lunch money for my high-schooler and lunchbox friendly items for the middle-schoolers? Check. A day's worth of Weight Watcher–friendly snacks for me? Check. Sensible commuting shoes and work-appropriate outfit? Check (though I fully admit to being the lone pink, cardigan-ed dot in a sea of subdued straphangers).

But nowhere on my checklist did I incorporate a visit to the ladies' room.

After a fairly seamless day of getting caught up at a weekly staff meeting, the initial setup of my Outlook account and voicemail box, and the conscious effort to remember the name of every well-wisher who popped in to meet the new girl (OK, maybe I'm stretching it with girl), the first day went relatively well, all things considered.

My most recent text messages tell me my son got himself to his baseball game, the girls are getting their homework done, and Dad has assembled the ingredients I left out this morning for my 20-minute Meatloaf Muffins. Planning six weeks' worth of menus has paid off because dinner's done—for tonight anyway.

Now I just have to make it another 40 minutes until I get home to the luxury and sanctity of my bathroom—followed by removing "pack water bottle" from tomorrow's already lengthy to-do list.

Diane Carlton is a regular contributor to As a full-time writer and mother of three children, she spends her days trying to get it all done...and finding the time to blog about it.  Check back often to read real-life stories from the trenches of ay busy mother and maybe take away a well intentioned tip or two.

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