Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls

Going through chemotherapy is anything but glamorous. That’s why journalist and cancer survivor Marybeth Maida and cosmetics consultant/former industry executive Debbie Kiederer got together to write Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls, a book that offers women going through chemo a resource to help them regain a sense of beauty, well being and control. Their motto? “We believe that every woman dealing with cancer deserves to look and feel as close to normal as her energy and her spirit will allow.” Check out their top tips for feeling beautiful inside and out:

The Mane Event: Choose a synthetic wig with a monofilament cap that is closest to your natural color in a short style to make transitioning back from baldness easier.
Skin Deep: Continue to shop for your make up and skincare products wherever you are most comfortable, and select products that are designed specifically for sensitive skin: no fragrance, no alcohol and no oil.
Chemo Style: Wear colors and styles that make you feel uplifted and happy and remember to draw the observer's eye away from what you feel is a trouble spot by creating a focal point such as an open toed shoe with bright polish, a long necklace with a charm or pendant that falls over your heart, or a monotone top and bottom with contrasting scarf that accentuates the color of your eyes.
The Business of You:  When consulting with doctors about who will be on your medical team, bring a friend with you to take notes while you concentrate on how comfortable you feel with this caregiver. Work only with doctors and health care professionals who inspire your trust and confidence and make you feel listened to and cared for.
A Girl Thing: Speak openly with your oncologist if there is something going on in your body that is making you uncomfortable. Gynecological issues such as infections or dryness can be alleviated, but your doctor won't know that this is a problem unless you speak up, so don't be embarrassed--there is nothing you could experience that they have not heard about before.
Keeping the Faith: Understand that you will have many emotions regarding your cancer journey, and to allow yourself to feel both the good and the bad--but always remember that while you must make room for your sadness and fear, you must also embrace the joy that life continues to bring.
You can find Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls in bookstores or online and in e-chapters via the website:  All e-purchases will generate a donation to one of several charitable organizations.

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