Survey Results Released

National Singles Week is coming up September 18 to 24 ... who knew?

Depending on who you talk to, the experience of being single can be fabulous and fun, lonely and boring, or somewhere in between.

So we thought it might be interesting to ask HealthyWomen readers in an informal poll how they feel or have felt about being single. How they responded may surprise you.

The largest portion of our audience (37 percent) said that single life is mostly fun, but sometimes gets lonely. But nearly one-third of our audience (30 percent) say it's "the best" and that they enjoy the freedom of doing whatever they want, whenever they want. These women seem to relish living life on their own terms.

Rounding out the top responses was a write-in from a woman who said she was “fine” with being single but loved her partner. Twenty-five percent of respondents agreed with her. Kudos to a life in balance!

Less than 10 percent of women polled thought being single was "mostly a drag" (4 percent) or "the worst" (4 percent).

If you're interested in writing about National Singles Week, HealthyWomen can provide access to well recognized and respected sex and relationship experts. Our Women's Health Advisory Council and team of medical experts have a national presence and are always at the ready to field questions about this or other trending topics.

You can find valuable information for your publication throughout our site or by contacting our media relations team for immediate assistance.

As always, HealthyWomen is here to help you in a pinch or with any advance planning or needs!

In good health,
Elizabeth Battaglino Cahill


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