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Smoothies: A Healthful Breakfast Alternative

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If you're like most women, your mornings are likely spent rushing around getting ready for work, helping prepare your kids for school and ensuring everyone is prepared for the day ahead of them. As a result, cooking breakfast may not be an appealing option, and you and your family are probably getting tired of toast and bananas.

A smoothie is a great alternative to other quick-fix breakfasts because it can be made with an endless combination of fruits, vegetables, yogurt, juice and pretty much anything else that can be pureed. Moreover, you can prepare them the night before. Just give your homemade juice another whirl in the blender before serving, because the mixture is likely to separate overnight.

A classic smoothie recipe typically consists of two to three types of fruit or vegetable, yogurt and juice. While this is certainly tasty, the beauty of homemade smoothies is that you can get creative.

For instance, silken tofu can add body and protein to any smoothie. Flaxseeds can provide a boost of omega-3 fatty acids, and a dash of olive oil can also contribute healthy fats and a rich, silky texture. Avocado is a surprising source of protein, fiber and a number of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, its mild flavor and buttery mouthfeel make it a versatile addition to many combinations of fruit and yogurt. Dates and other dried fruits can also be added for body and sustenance.

It's up to you what kind of yogurt you choose, but low-fat, unsweetened yogurt is the most versatile. Additionally, using yogurt devoid of added sugars lets you add your own sweetener, such as honey, a touch of maple syrup or agave syrup. This allows you to control the sugar content of your smoothies.

While you can pretty much make smoothies out of anything, there are some things to consider to avert a culinary disaster. First, think about your flavor combinations. Mixing too many overly sweet items—such as honey, ripe bananas and sweetened yogurt—may not only defeat the purpose of this healthful breakfast, but leave you with a toothache. Additionally, consider the color that your blended fruits might make. Your kids are unlikely to be excited about drinking a brownish blend of kiwi and plums, even if it does taste good.

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