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Easy Mug Recipes for Any Time of Day
Easy Mug Recipes for Any Time of Day

Mug Recipes You'll Love

Making food in mugs is all the rage. Food looks adorable in your favorite mug. You have fewer dishes to clean up. Recipes are quick and simple. And portion control is a breeze.

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Making food in mugs is all the rage. What's not to love? Food looks adorable in your favorite mug. You have fewer dishes to clean up. Recipes often have a few simple ingredients. Portion control is a breeze, thanks to the mug. And the food typically cooks in five minutes or less.

While these are simple and quick, some are definitely a splurge. But, on harried days where you may be faced with a choice of overly processed, prepackaged foods or stopping by the bakery for a breakfast bun or for at a fast-food joint for lunch or dinner, some of these mugs may provide a better choice.

Here are a few of our favorite mug recipes. Don't get disappointed if your first try at a mug recipe isn't perfect. Cooking times vary from one microwave to another. Try zapping food in 20-second bursts to perfect your dish. You'll soon see how putting a mug in the microwave can transform a recipe into a delicious and flavorful one-dish wonder. And you'll make your dishwasher and tummy happy, too.

French Toast in a Mug
The bread here is mixed with whole milk and eggs. It's spiced with vanilla extract and ground cinnamon, giving your mug meal a deep, rich flavor. You get a quick and comforting breakfast in a mug. Let your family add their own toppings like mini chocolate chips, raisins, dried tart cherries or chopped pecans. Layer the toppings within the bread cubes so there's a taste of toppings in every bite. And don't forget the powdered sugar and maple syrup for the ultimate breakfast.

5 Minute Quiche in a Mug
Get a light and fluffy quiche filled with layers of ham, chives, tomato and melted cheese. And all it takes is a few minutes of prep. The tablespoon of cream cheese gives the center of the quiche its rich and savory taste.

"Baked" Oatmeal in a Mug
Do you love baked oatmeal but are too short on time to bake it in the morning? When you're in a hurry, this microwaveable version will hit the spot at breakfast time as well as for a snack or a dessert. Change or add flavors to suit your taste as you do with any oatmeal; this one uses apple and banana. And making it in a mug tricks you into thinking you're eating more than you are. If you really don't function well in the morning, try these Healthy Breakfasts You Can Make the Night Before.

Microwave Macaroni and Cheese in a Mug
Yes, you can cook pasta easily and quickly in the microwave. This recipe may change how you think about this family favorite. It's faster, cheaper and tastier. So, you may be saying goodbye to store-bought macaroni. Cook the pasta in the mug first, and then mix in the other ingredients and zap for another minute. To save even more time, make your mug the night before. Then heat it up for your lunch, dinner or snack the next day.

Egg Fried Rice in a Mug
Too lazy to cook but hungry and impatient? Whip up this flavorful fried rice that's ready in minutes. Just remember that when you're microwaving the rice, cover the top with cling film and puncture a hole in it. That helps prevent scalding when you remove the film. Also use a large mug for this recipe.

10-Minute Risotto Cups
Risotto in the microwave? And it takes 10 minutes? You heard us right! No more standing at the stove and stirring for an hour. This result will be just as good as the stovetop version, with about a quarter of the effort. Talk about a cooking hack. Be forewarned that the onions may spark in the microwave. They'll stop sparking, however, once they're covered with the melted butter.

Lasagna in a Mug
Lasagna in a mug? You heard that right! Make it if you're hungry for something that tastes good and is quick and easy to prepare, to boot. You'll likely have just about all the ingredients on hand. So you'll be on your way to a tasty meal in no time.

Cookies n' Cream Mug Cake
Just a few ingredients go a long way in this recipe. Here, you'll find a white chocolate cake base with crushed Oreo cookies throughout. Every bite is full of cookie pieces mixed with the cookies' cream.

Banana Mug Cake
This cake is a quick and easy dessert you can make after dinner. Take this treat to the next level by topping it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. To make it for two, double the recipe and split it across two mugs. Adjust the cooking time as needed.

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