When It's Time to Dump Your Makeup

When It's Time to Dump Your Makeup

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It's raining here in Connecticut today. My sons and husband are going to see the Mets play tonight in the new stadium (that is, if the game is not canceled.) I'll have some quiet time tonight, and I think I'll use some of it for some spring cleaning.

No, not my closet...that's a BIG project to tackle that is sure to take more than just one night. But I'm going to raid my makeup cabinet and take stock of what's in there. It's a great opportunity to toss some old stuff.

Here's what I've learned about the life of makeup:
Foundation- Toss after: One year
Lipstick - Toss after: Eight months
Eyeliners - Toss after: One year
Mascara - Toss after: Four to six months
Blush - Toss after: One to two years
Concealer - Toss after One year
Eye Shadow - Toss after One to two years
Makeup brushes - Take care of your natural-hair brushes and they can last indefinitely. Wash once a week, using a gentle shampoo or soap and warm water. Let dry completely. For synthetic brushes (which will last about one year), clean twice a week using an alcohol-based cleanser. How do you know when they're ready to go? They'll start shedding or become stiff and may even cause your makeup to streak.

After writing this, I'm a little scared to tackle this project. I think I'll be uncovering some makeup that I purchased soon after giving birth! :-)

If you're ready to think about spring cleaning and makeup I hope my tips will help inspire or enlighten you. And if you're curious about makeup application itself, be sure to watch Laura Geller make me over. Next week, I'll post the next video, where Laura shows us how to get a youthful glow.


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