A Call to Action for Women in Chronic Pain

Monica Mallampalli, PhD shares some unsettling data about chronic pain—across sex, gender and race—and offers measures for moving women's health care forward. In the year 2020, these barriers must come down.

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Coronavirus Tests The Value Of Artificial Intelligence In Medicine

The machine-learning programs scroll through millions of pieces of data to detect patterns that may be hard for clinicians to discern.

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Essential U.S. Workers Often Lack Sick Leave and Health Care – Benefits Taken for Granted in Most Other Countries

Health care workers, like all Americans, do not receive many of the basic workplace benefits and protections – like paid sick leave and basic health care.

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Palliative Care Helped Family Face 'The Awful, Awful Truth'

Owens, like other palliative care specialists in COVID-19 hot spots around the country, has seen his professional duties transformed by the deadly coronavirus.

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Coronavirus Is Killing More Men Than Women — Why That Matters

Understanding the sex disparity in coronavirus infections may be the key to a viable vaccine and treatment.

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True Toll of COVID-19 on U.S. Health Care Workers Unknown

The number of health care workers who have tested positive for the coronavirus is likely far higher than the reported tally of 9,200, and U.S. officials say they have no comprehensive way to count those who lose their lives trying to save others.

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Telemedicine Surges, Fueled by Coronavirus Fears and Shift in Payment Rules

Getting heath care by phone or video conferencing has been around for several decades, but the outbreak of coronavirus has led to an increase in telemedicine use as never seen before, according to health systems and provider groups across the country.

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Let's Support Nurses on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a nurse, I want to be there for my patients during this pandemic. Here’s what nurses need to get the job done.

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What Do Pregnant Women Need to Know About COVID-19? Q+A With Dr. Rashmi Kudesia

An Ob-Gyn answers your questions about the risks of coronavirus for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and parents of young children.

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Electronic Health Records Bogging Docs Down

Electronic health records are supposed to help doctors, but stress from using them may lead to burnout.

Do You Talk With Your Patients About Overactive Bladder?

If your patients have sudden and unexpected urges to urinate, then you may want to talk with them about overactive bladder, or OAB.

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Understanding Parkinson's Disease Psychosis

Hallucinations and delusions are symptoms of Parkinson's disease psychosis, which occurs in about 50 percent of people with PD at some point during their illness.

Antibacterial Scrubs for Nurses No Match for Germs

Special antibacterial scrubs for nurses don't fend off germs any better than traditional nursing garb, a new study finds.