How to Cope With 2020 Burnout

For Mental Illness Awareness Week, let's look at why so many of us are feeling stress and what you can do to keep your mental health in check.

Self-Care & Mental Health

Finding Joy in 2020? It’s Not Such an Absurd Idea, Really

Joy is something we feel deep in our bones, and it's possible to feel in the midst of sorrow.

Self-Care & Mental Health

Dealing With Rage During the Perimenopause Transition and Beyond

How to overcome mood changes and fight depression in perimenopause and menopause.

Menopause & Aging Well

The Only Way Out Is Through: How I Healed From the Trauma of Chronic Pain

After years of fighting my pain, I learned posttraumatic growth starts when you're in the midst of struggle.

Real Women, Real Stories

I Was Diagnosed With Adult ADHD. Here’s What I Learned

I never would have guessed that my perfectionism was actually the result of my condition.

Real Women, Real Stories

Family and Friends Can Be Key to Helping End Domestic Violence, Study Suggests

COVID-19 is putting people at greater risk for domestic violence, but family and friends can be a lifeline.

Your Health

Depression in the Time of Coronavirus

A psychiatrist shares her experience of pandemic malaise.

Real Women, Real Stories

Am I Passing My Mental Health Disorders on to My Kids? If So, What Can I Do About It?

My mother, my grandmother and I have all suffered from depression or anxiety. Now that my daughters are showing symptoms, I want to know how to break the generational cycle.

Self-Care & Mental Health

Vaping and Depression: What's the Connection?

Vaping, already linked to lung damage, may also have harmful psychological effects, a new study suggests.

Your Health

10 Ways to Beat SAD

Many people feel a little disappointed and sad when summer ends. But some feel really depressed—and SAD, as in seasonal affective disorder. Find out how you can treat SAD.

Self-Care & Mental Health

Treating Depression May Prevent Repeat Heart Attack

It's common for heart attack survivors to develop depression. Now a new trial has found that antidepressant treatment may help those patients avoid a second heart attack.

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Supportive Managers Key When a Worker Is Depressed

Employees struggling with depression take less time off from work if they receive support and help from their managers, a new study suggests.

Self-Care & Mental Health

More Evidence That Depression Shortens Lives

People with depression tend to die earlier than expected—a pattern that has grown stronger among women in recent years, new research finds.

Self-Care & Mental Health

Cancer Patients May Have Undiagnosed Depression

Depression is common, though often overlooked, in people with cancer, a new study suggests.

Self-Care & Mental Health

1 in 5 Moms Keep Postpartum Depression a Secret

One in five new mothers who develops postpartum depression or another mood disorder after childbirth suffers in silence, a new study reveals.

Pregnancy & Postpartum