Preventive health care services and benefits are key to keeping women, our families and our communities, healthy. Prevention connects to our other policy priority areas including Access and Affordability.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires insurance companies to cover many vaccinations and other preventive services without cost to the patient; maintaining that coverage was the motivation for HealthyWomen’s #KeeptheCare Campaign. The ACA specifically includes many preventive services unique to women. (You can view the complete list preventive services and benefits here.)

Of course, preventing and treating Chronic Conditions and Opioid Use Disorder — and complications from those conditions — is important. So is developing new ways to prevent diseases and complications through Medical Research & Clinical Trials

In 2018, our nationwide WomenTalk® survey asked women to share their views on a range of health-related topics. Today these results are helping to inform our work, engage our partners, and importantly, keep you updated on health-policy issues that may affect your health, including Access to Care, Affordability, Preventive Care, Chronic Conditions & Policy, Opioid Use Disorder, Medication Safety, and Medical Research & Clinical Trials.