Tips for Eating Well While Traveling

The lack of blogging last month can be blamed on a fabulous cross country road trip, an adventure that I was able to cross off the big life to-do list. While on the road, it was difficult to stay healthy, but days of hiking and exploring required that I fuel up and feel good. Here are some tips that I came up with while traveling:

1. Start smart. This means starting off the vacation on the right foot, and also starting your day with a good breakfast to avoid being ravenous later.

2. Drink lots of water. It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re traveling, which can trick your body into thinking you're hungry and leave you feeling blah.

3. When you’re faced with gas station options, skip the chips and soda and opt for a banana, nuts and a bottle of water.

4. Pack snacks. Make your own trail mix of nuts and dried fruits and bring it along. Or if you are taking a plane ride, pack a meal instead of choosing from airport options (how about a pb&j?).

5. Share meals. Going out for a big dinner every night? Try starting with a salad each and then sharing an entree. Traveling alone? Opt for a salad and an appetizer portion.

Have any ideas to share? Please comment below.

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