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The Stomach Flu While Pregnant

Pregnancy & Postpartum

At five weeks pregnant, I woke up at 1 a.m. in a dash to the bathroom, where I continued to get sick for the next four hours. I wondered with dread, could this be morning sickness? If so, I thought, I'm in for a rough first trimester. But pretty soon my temperature spiked. Looks like a stomach bug. Since your immune system is suppressed during pregnancy, it's not uncommon to get a bug such as the one I experienced. However, gastrointestinal distress is not usually a call for alarm. But don't hesitate to call your health care provider, because every woman and pregnancy is different. Here are some standard things to remember:

  • Your top priority should be to stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause early labor and be dangerous to your developing baby. So, make sure you are forcing fluids, such as water and electrolyte juices. If you are having a hard time keeping these down, consider sucking on ice chips.
  • Skipping a few meals will not harm your baby. When you feel ready to eat, start with a bland diet, such as toast and broth.
  • If your fever is high, make sure to let your health care provider know, because this could be dangerous during early pregnancy.
  • Stay in bed. Rest is the key to a quick recovery.
  • Try ginger. I chewed on ginger candies and found it helped slightly with the nausea.
  • Talk to your health care professional about what over-the-counter medications are safe.
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