Saltiest Food in America: Who's the Winner?

Everyone seems to be buzzing about salt lately (including yours truly). I happened to order take-out last night and each bite of the grilled lemon chicken I chose was like eating a mountain of salt. The chef was definitely salt-happy, that's for sure.

Here's something interesting - and quite shocking - you might want to know about the saltiest food in America. No, it wasn't my take-out chicken: according to Eat This, Not That! the winner is ...

The Hot and Sour Soup Bowl at the chain P.F. Changs, coming it at a whopping 6,878 mg. of sodium. When you weigh that against 2,300 mg. - the total amount of salt the American Heart Association says you should consume in one day - I think you'll agree that is A LOT of salt for just one bowl of soup.

(Guess how many saltines that's equivalent to? If you guessed anything under 200, you're wrong. It's 208.)


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