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Learn Why Your Weight Matters—Watch the PSA and Take the Challenge!


HealthyWomen is proud to join the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) in promoting a major weight and health awareness campaign.

The campaign's national public service announcement (PSA) highlights the importance of understanding how weight and health go hand-in-hand and how they may affect an individual's quality of life, family and relationships.

We strongly encourage you to watch the OAC's PSA below.

Consider the PSA's important call-to-action: to take the Your Weight Matters Challenge. The OAC's campaign calls for individuals across the United States to measure their weight and talk to their health care providers about it. After you watch the PSA and sign on for the challenge, you will receive a FREE resource toolkit to help you on your journey with weight and to prepare you for the conversation.

The Your Weight Matters campaign toolkit includes a sample food journal, information on how to measure your weight and resources on topics such as nutrition, exercise and weight-loss options. In addition, you can opt-in to receive Your Weight Matters Weekly, a weekly e-newsletter providing nutrition and fitness tips, motivation to help keep you on track with your goals, news about the campaign and much more. If you have a loved one who is struggling with their weight, consider sharing this with them, too.

The OAC is dedicated to giving a voice to those affected by excess weight and obesity. To find out more about the OAC, visit If you have any questions about the Your Weight Matters Campaign, please contact the OAC at (800) 717-3117 or

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