Buy Yourself a Self-Care Gift for the Holidays
Buy Yourself a Self-Care Gift for the Holidays

Don't Wish for That Gift—Buy It Yourself!

Many women have some secret wishes on their holiday wish-list, often related to self-care or health pampering. Consider giving yourself one of these gifts this season.

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With holiday season approaching, let's talk about gifts.

In the spirit of you, I hereby advocate treating yourself and buying what you really want.

Don't misunderstand—I love a surprise as much as the next person. The mystery of what's inside the box, the allure behind the beautiful wrapping and ribbons, the happiness on the face of the gift giver.

But let's be realistic. It can get exhausting waiting and hoping for what you really want, never mind embarrassing to admit to what you really lust after. I mean, do you really expect someone else to know what would really, truly make you happy—or to justify to that person why it would make you happy?

Why wait for what you want? Go out and buy yourself that gift. You deserve it.

I've rounded up some fabulous things that you can have, compliments of no one else but you.

And remember: It's not self-ish, it's self-care!

  1. Because it's your little secret. It might have the cutesy name "peach fuzz," but hair sprouting up where it doesn't belong doesn't exactly inspire the thought of juicy sweet summer fruit. You wax, you tweeze, you laser—but not without lots of inconvenience, expense and even pain. Here's a new, super-easy way to get rid of the facial fuzz that plagues your cheeks, chin and upper lip. Wahl's Clean & Smooth facial hair remover puts power and convenience into your hands with their convenient, pain-free facial hair remover. Oh, and did I mention it's rechargeable, so you never have to worry about batteries? In no time at all, your face is fresh and smooth, primed for makeup or for baring it all.

  2. Because you want to travel in style (and not depend on someone else to carry your luggage for you). You might have enough suitcases, but you probably don't have one like this from OOO. If you're anything like me (and I know a lot of you are), the stress of a trip starts way before you leave, when you have to decide what to bring and how to fit it all into your suitcase. Here's a stylish and functional bag that's easy to maneuver through crowded airports on 360-degree smooth-glide wheels so you can get to your gate without a breaking a sweat. OOO (Out of Office Traveling, pronounced "O") suitcases are beautiful, expandable and ultra-durable timeless travel pieces with an interior compression system to ease the burden of packing. The carry-on has a removable, rechargeable battery that gives you a weekend worth of phone charges.

    Read more about How to Avoid Suitcase Strain This Holiday Season.

  3. Because wearing jewelry to the gym isn't silly. When I work out, I leave my rings, necklaces and earrings behind, but I do love wearing these fabric bracelets from Momentum Jewelry. They not only look cool wrapped around my wrist, but they're comfy and colorful, too. And for those times I lose my mojo, a quick glance gives me the inspiration I need to go the extra mile, especially when I see the messages printed on the attached aluminum pendant like "Progress Over Perfection" and "Live Joyfully." Every day is, indeed, a gift (yeah, they have one that says that, too).

  4. Because yes, I need another pair of shoesthis time a comfortable pair. How many times have you sacrificed comfort for style? You don't have to answer that. I'm guilty of it myself and have done it more times than I have toes on my two feet. I've been a fan of Vionic shoes ever since I tried my first pair and am always happy to step into them, whether they be slippers, sneakers, boots, sandals or heels. Finally, style and comfort is no longer an oxymoron. And there's always room for one more pair.

  5. Because it's fun to bike while surfing. Flexispot had the right idea when they came out with the adjustable standing desk, to ease the woes of sitting. (Sitting has been dubbed "the new smoking"—it's not so good for you.) Now they're bringing health and happiness one step closer with an all-in-one desk bike, which won an innovation award in 2018. Part ergonomic work desk, part exercise bike, you can use your laptop to surf the web, read a book, watch your favorite show or even work while you're moving your legs and boosting your knowledge and your circulation.

  6. Because this drink isn't everyone's cup of tea but it's yours. Full of antioxidants and containing less caffeine than coffee, tea has been lauded for heart health, cancer prevention and even healthy teeth and weight loss. About half the U.S. population drinks it, and if you're one of the masses you might want to check out these picks from DAVIDsTEA.

  7. Because squinting causes wrinkles (and it's necessary to read the fine print). Doesn't it seem like the writing is getting smaller and smaller on things like prescription labels and menus? Never miss a word (or leave your reading glasses home) with these ThinOptics. They're ultra-thin, and because of their multiple storage options, they're always with you: on keychains, phone cases, FlashCards and Pods. Why shouldn't you see clearly wherever you are?

  8. Because you want a home-cooked meal (but don't have enough time). Grocery shopping and meal prep can take a lot of time, and by the time you're finished with that, are you really in the mood to cook and spend all night in the kitchen? Takeout is not the only option. Meal delivery services from companies like Blue Apron, HelloFresh, Sun Basket, Plated and Purple Carrot simplify the job by delivering pre-portioned, fresh ingredients and recipes to make it easy and convenient to turn out a home-cooked meal. Now, if they only came with someone to clean up afterward.

  9. Because you have better things to do with your time than vacuum. Like sitting and sipping your coffee while you read the paper on a Sunday morning. When you add up all the hours the Roomba vacuum will save you, you have plenty of time left for binge-watching your favorite Netflix pick or surfing the web—or doing a hundred other things rather than pushing a vacuum around and around.

  10. Because you like your workout clothes to fit just right. And you can't always leave that to someone else to figure out. Some like them loose, some like them tight, others like them in between. There are a lot of details when it comes to finding just the right leggings, and only you know what feels just right. If you have an Amazon Prime membership (what, not yet?), take a look at these reasonable, adorable choices.

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