I was curious to see how other people felt about wish lists vs. surprise gifts, so I did my own informal poll on Facebook. I loved getting feedback on this! Responses were varied, with just as many saying they like surprises as those saying they believe in wish lists.

Here are some of the comments:

I would rather give a few hints—it's stressful trying to figure out what to buy for someone special, so I would be happy to help.
I would love to be surprised if the person was capable of picking out something I would like. Unfortunately, no one seems to be able to do that for me, so I end up having to use Amazon wish lists.
Drop some hints. Be surprised and like it!

I give a list so I know I'll get something I like, but I don't know which one it is going to be.
 If I need to drop hints, I'd rather buy it myself!

I want to be surprised and delighted when someone finds something I never knew I wanted but can't live without.

It depends on your loved one's gift giving in the past. If you're always surprised and elated with his/her gifts, then no need for hints. Otherwise, definitely hinting will probably prevent you from returning the gift and possibly hurting your loved one's feelings.
Hints so blatant you might term them "pointing"
If someone's going to plunk down lots of cash on something I won't ever use, I'd rather give hints.

I love the surprise!

I like the surprise but sometimes I like to point it out!

A surprise always works for me!!

Hints, but hubby doesn't believe in giving hints.

If it were my boyfriend or mom, I would be pretty direct with them and strongly hint at what I want.

I like the idea of surprises but I don't do very well with them. With my husband, kids and parents we do lists, a few ideas of things we need or would like but wouldn't likely buy for ourselves.

Love a surprise!!

Love lists! Hate having stuff I don't need … and mostly I don't need any more stuff.

Surprises! Nice to know that someone puts thought into a gift just for you … we try to control too much in our lives sometimes.

I like a surprise but hope the gifter knows what I like or dislike—do not care to be wasteful, after all.

From my son and sister, surprises. From my dear husband, definitely hints!

I like to give STRONG hints! I'd rather get something I really want and can use than have a loved one waste money on something I don't need.

However you feel about gifts, here’s a fun and healthy gift list I've compiled. Whether for yourself or to get gift ideas for others, there's something for just about everyone.

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