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Healthy food items for DIY at home remedies

DIY At-Home Remedies


By guest blogger Lynden Halpern for

Lest you consider yourself a health and/or beauty guru, it's hard to determine fact from fiction when it comes to DIY remedies. Some of the craziest sounding ones are true, and some that seem so simple end up being old wives' tales. Find five of my favorite at-home remedies below, and share your own crazy-but-true DIY cures.

1. No chapstick around? Can't find the Vaseline? To cure chapped lips and add a little bit of shine, just open your pantry! Olive oil will moisturize lips and do double duty as a gloss. Don't apply too much—you don't want to deal with a slippery and greasy smacker.

2. Take a break from dinner prep and up the ante on the cold compress of yesteryear! Yep, slices of potatoes will cure all of your under-eye woes. The starch in the potatoes reduces puffiness and will ease any discomfort or pain around the eyes.

3. Sure, chocolate makes us happier (and is scientifically proven to do so!), but cut the cals next time you need a little boost. Simply smelling a citrus fruit will make you happier and feel less stressed. Simply throw a lemon in your bag, and get sniffin'!

4. Turns out that popping a stick of gum to reduce hunger may in fact do the trick, although not for the reasons you may think! Sure, the incessant chewing helps, but peppermint is said to be a natural appetite suppressant. Even just sniffing anything peppermint will ward off hunger and cause you to eat fewer calories.

5. Makeup remover is one of those things we always need and can either never find, or always run out of. Don't get stuck going to bed with your makeup on…and waking up with raccoon eyes. Apply plain yogurt or milk on a cotton ball and rinse. Makeup begone!

Have you ever used any of these remedies? What are your favorite DIY home remedies or little-known uses for common household products?

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