Bobbi Brown's Makeup Tips

Professional makeup artist Bobbi Brown offers makeup tips for older women, from cleansing to covering and concealing.

Menopause & Aging Well

Need any good makeup tips?

Yeah, I thought so. Who can't use a refresher every once in a while? Every time I sit down to apply makeup I wonder if I'm keeping up with my so-called midlife face, which seems to sprout those "extras" every time I look: extra lines, extra hairs (ugh! facial hair!), extra sun spots. Looking in the mirror doesn't get dull, that's for sure!

A recent beauty and style online edition of AARP featured some great makeup tips from guru Bobbi Brown.

I'm featuring a few of them here. (I know, it's a tease. To get the rest, click here.)

Tip #1. Good makeup starts with good skin care.

Plump up freshly washed skin with a killer moisturizer and eye cream. Consider adding serums and oils as an extra step in your treatment routine to nourish and improve dry sun-damaged skin.

Use a cleansing oil at night to dissolve makeup gently and leave your skin supple and smooth, ready for night repair products.

Tip #2. Face makeup should match your skin tone.

Whether you choose a tinted moisturizer, BB cream, tinted balm, stick serum or liquid foundation, make sure it's a seamless skin-identical match—not too dark or too light. Swatch a few shades on the side of your face. The color that disappears is the one you want. Double-check at the forehead to be sure.

Tip #3. Corrector and concealer change everything.

Start with a peach or pink-toned corrector—a tinted shade of concealer that will neutralize dark circles and brighten them. Then layer a creamy concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone directly over the corrector shade to lighten, and blend it seamlessly into your complexion.

Tip #4. Double-line your eyes.

For a crisp, clean line, apply a dark powder eye shadow along the lash line with a slightly dampened liner brush. Moistening the brush prevents shadow fallout on your cheeks. Then reline the eyes right over the shadow line with a contemporary shade of gel liner.

Here's an article I wrote for on beauty after 50.

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