10 Essential Vitamins and Nutrients Every Child Needs

Pregnancy & Postpartum

As parents, we often worry about whether our children are getting the essential vitamins and nutrients they need to stay healthy and active. Eating a well-balanced diet definitely helps.

But let's be realistic: Spinach and milk don't always win at mealtime, sometimes it's important to supplement a healthy diet with a multivitamin, like Star Wars™ brand Gummy Vitamins by NatureSmart. They are available in three Complete Multi-Vitamin formulations, with over 10 essential vitamins and minerals for health, growth and development, and an Immune Support formula.*
When your child takes a daily vitamin, you can be sure they are getting:

Vitamin A – Supports eye health and healthy vision.*

Vitamin C – Supports immune health.*

Vitamin D - Assists in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the diet, which aids significantly in building and maintaining strong bones.*

Vitamin E – Encourages healthy metabolic function to fight against free radicals and oxidative stress.*

Vitamin B-6 – Plays a part in energy conversion, and supports the production of red blood cells.*

Vitamin B-12 – Is involved in the normal formation of blood cells and DNA synthesis and renewal.*

Biotin – Is involved in making carbohydrates available for energy.*

Iodine – An essential component for the functioning of thyroid glands, which in turn have a significant influence on the metabolic processes in the body.*

Zinc – Plays a role in the normal functioning of the immune system, and is needed for cell division and growth.*

Star Wars™ brand Gummy Vitamins by NatureSmart have all these vitamins and nutrients and are a smart choice. Plus, they feature iconic Star Wars characters so they're fun to take!

This post is sponsored by NatureSmart.

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